Surname Quaranta and variants


Quaranta is the Italian for the number "forty" and derives from the Latin word "quadraginta".

Historical Origin

The most accepted theory is that the surname spread following the cult of the Forty Martyrs of Salerno, a medieval historical event. In Salerno in the 11th century, 40 pilgrims returning from the Holy Land under the leadership of a Norman managed to drive the Saracens away. Initially the leader was called "Dei Quaranta", a nickname that later spread to his descendants, also in the variants of Quarantelli and Quarantini. The Quaranta family is listed among the Neapolitan noble families.


  • Italy: The surname Quaranta appears with 1333 listings in the Italian white pages of the year 2020, in about 800 different comuni. It is mostly concentrated in Puglia, Campania, Lombardy and Piedmont.
  • Ellis Island: 680 arrivals for Quaranta immigrants are recorded.

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