Name Pietro and variations


From the Latin name Petrus, deriving in turn from the greek Petros, meaning stone (from the word petra, common to both languages). The greek name was a translation of Aramaic "Kephas", which, based on the term kefa, meaning stone, rock. It is therefore similar to the forename Sten.
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This name, historically, has its roots in Christianity and especially in the cult of St. Peter (Bethsaida, 2-4 AD - Rome, about 67), one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, believed to be the first pope of the Catholic Church. To him the origin of the name Peter is connected, since, according to the apostles Matthew and John, Simone was so named by Jesus Christ himself in the famous passage from the Gospel "Tu es Petrus, et super hanc petram aedificabo Ecclesiam meam et tibi dabo claves regni Coelorum" [Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church...].

Peter was chosen by Christ as the foundation of the Church, keeper of the keys of the kingdom of heaven (Mt 16:13-19), shepherd of the holy flock (John 21:15-17), confirmer of the brethren (cf. Lk 22:32).


  • Piero and Piera appeared in the Middle Ages, and forms Petro and Petra were common especially in the South of Italy.
  • Pierino, Pietruccio

Name Day

29th June, when in 67 AD it is said that Peter was crucified, exactly on the spot where the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome rises now.

Patron Saint

In the Catholic Church St. Peter is remembered as the patron saint of bakers, bridge builders, butchers, fishermen, harvesters, rope-makers, watchmakers, blacksmiths, shoemakers, stonecutters, builders of fishing nets and vessels; he is also the patron of longevity and of the papacy, and is invoked to intercede in the case of rabies, foot problems and fever. He is also the patron saint, as the first pope, of the universal Church.

Patronimic surnames

  • Di Pietro and compounds
  • Mastropietro
  • Peracchia, Perilli, Perillo, Perelli, Perello, Perella, Perillio
  • Perrella, Perelli, Petruzzelli, Pedretti, Pedrocchi, Perazzolo, Perrone
  • Peracchia, Perilli, Pietri, Pietrobon, Pietricola, Piersanti, Pedrazzoli, Pieralli, Perrotti, Perotta, Perrone
  • Petrarca, Petrarchi, Petracca, Petacca, Petracchi, Petrachi, Petrocelli, Petrucci, Petroselli
  • Pierdomenico, Pierdominici, Pierfelice, Pietrantoni and other compound names

In other languages

  • Arabic: Butros
  • Czech: Petr
  • Danish: Peter
  • Dutch: Peter, Pieter, Piet
  • English: Peter
  • French: Pierre
  • German: Peter, Per
  • Greek: Petros, Kephas
  • Irish: Peadar
  • Latin: Petrus
  • Portuguese: Pedro
  • Romanian: Petru, Petre
  • Russian: Pjotr
  • Spanish: Pedro

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