Name Paolo and variations


In common use today, the name derives from the Latin cognomen Paulus, known since ancient Rome, being the cognomen of the Roman gens Aemilia.

The cognomen Paulus derived from the Latin adjective paulus, meaning "small, little". Within the context of Latin cognomina (=nicknames), it may have been used for the youngest (or smallest) son of a family or to distinguish homonyms between two members of the same household (eg grandparent and grandchild, etc.)

The listings collected from the white pages for Italy are based on the online phone directory for the years 2000-2005.


  • Paolino, Paolone, Paoletto, Paoluccio
  • Paola, Paoletta, Paolina
  • Gianpaolo, Giampaolo, Pierpaolo.

Patronimic surnames

De Paulis, Di Paola, Di Paolo, Iapalucci, Mastropaolo, Paolo, Paolucci, Paolini

In other languages

  • Albanian: Pal
  • Czech: Pavel
  • English: Paul
  • Finnish: Paavali
  • French: Paul
  • German: Paul
  • Greek: Pavlos
  • Hungarian: Pál
  • Irish: Pódhl, Pól
  • Latin: Paulus
  • Norwegian: Pål
  • Portuguese: Paulo
  • Romanian: Pavel, Paul
  • Russian: Pavel
  • Spanish: Pablo

Name Day

29th June, when St. Paul (Paul from Tarso o Saulo di Tarso) is celebrated. Paul, co-opted in the apostolic college by Christ himself on the road to Damascus, chosen instrument to carry His name to all people, is the greatest missionary of all times, the advocate of the Pagans, the apostle of the peoples, the one who along with Peter brought the Gospel message in the Mediterranean world.

Patron Saint

St. Paul is the patron of Greece, Malta, Rome as well as many other Italian cities. He is invoked against snake bites and venomous animals.

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