Surnames Mosca, Moschetto, Moscardo, Moscato, Moscone and variations

Among the many other variations appearing in Italy are Moschi, Musca, Muscas, Moschelli, Moscarella, Moscarello, Moscariello, Moscarelli, Muscarella, Muscarello, Moschetta, Moschetto, Moschino, Moschini, Moschin, Moscaroli, Moscone, Mosconi, Moscoloni, Moscardi, Moscardini, Moscardo, Moscati.


  • Mosca = fly, probably starting as a a nickname for an ancestor, to describe a small, minute constitution or an insistent, annoying behaviour.
  • Moschetto, Moschetta have a possible alternative etymology form a kind of a muzzle-loaded long gun (musket).
  • Moscardo is also another name for the "moschetto" gun, and for a variety of hawk with small spots on the plumage similar to flies.
  • Moscato may be derived also from the Italian word "muschio" (=moss) as a celebrated Italian wine with with a typical mossy, sweet aroma.
  • Moscone refers to a variety of insects larger than a fly. Metaphorically, it is used in Italian to refer to a man insistently courting a woman, and is also the name of a small boat - also called pattíno - used near the seaside.
Most common Variations
  • Italian White Pages: in 2020 there are 2225 listings of individuals.
  • Ellis Island: 1711 arrivals for Mosca immigrants are recorded, coming mostly from Italy (1090) but also from Argentina, since it is also a Spanish word for the insect.
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Moscone, Mosconi, Moscoloni
  • Listings in the 2020 Italian White Pages: Moscone 61, Mosconi with 746, Moscoloni 37
  • Records on Ellis Island: Mosconi 123, mostly from Northern Italy.
Moschino, Moschini, Moschin
  • Listings in the 2020 Italian White Pages: Moschino 30, Moschini 542, Moschin 46.
  • Records on Ellis Island: Moschino 15 (Northern Italy), Moschini 144 (from Northern and central Italy).
Moschetta, Moschetto
  • Listings in the 2020 Italian White Pages: Moschetta 207, Moschetto 120
  • Records on Ellis Island: Moschetta 75, Moschetto 69 mostly from Southern Italy.
Moscardo, Moscardi, Moscardini
  • Listings in the 2020 Italian White Pages: Moscardo 57, Moscardi 132, Moscardini 147
  • Records on Ellis Island: Moscardo 1, Moscardi 3, Moscardini 112 (Northern Italy).
Moscatello, Moscatelli, Moscati, Moscato
  • Listings in the 2020 Italian White Pages: Moscatello 65, Moscatell1 827, Moscati 77, Moscato 546
  • Records on Ellis Island: Moscatello 49 and Moscato 499 mostly from Southern Italy); Moscatelli 216 (mostly from Northern Italy), Moscati 43.

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