Origin and Etymology of Italian Surnames: from Do‑ to Du‑

The list includes a possible, or accepted, etymology of many Italian surnames, beginning with "Do-", as well as, where data is available, their geographical or historical origin and current distribution.

Alphabetical Index

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Domenica, Domenicatti, Dominichini, Dominigazzo
From the first name Domenico, derived from the Latin word "dominus" = lord
Domizia, Domiziano
Form the Latin first name Domizio
Dona, Donatelli, Donati
From the first name Donato, derived from the Latin adjective "donatus" meaning given by God
From the first name Donato; Neaples area
From the first name Donato, derived from the Latin adjective "donatus" meaning given by God
From the word "donna", derived from the Latin "domina" = lady. Sometimes used also as a noble title
From the first name Onofrio, derived from Egyptian name "Onnophris" = always happy. Patronymic surname
From the first name Orazio, derived from the Latin Horatius. Patronymic surname
From the word "orso" = bear, used also as a nickname to indicate a strong person
From the name of the town od Orona. To indicate someone coming from there
From the first name Ottavio, derived from the noble family name "Octavia". Name given by the Romans to the 8th child born. Patronymic surname
D'Ovidia, D'Ovidio
From the first name Ovidio, derived from the Latin family name "Ovidius", from the word "ovis" = ship. Name given to a shepherd. Patronymic surname
Dragani, Draghetto, Dragonetti, Dragoni, Dragotti
From the word "drago" = dragon, probably used as a nickname. It could also derive from an aromatic herb called "dragoni or dragoncello"
Drei, Dreoni, Dreossi, Driusso, Driutti, Driuzzi
From the first name Andrea, derived from the Greek name Andreas, transformation of the Greek word "aner" = man
Ducati, Duchi, Duchini
From the medieval noble title "Duca" = Duke. Sometimes also to indicate a person that may work for the Duke
Durando, Durante, Duranti
From the first name Durante, derived from the verb "durare" = to last. Some time is used its abbreviation: "Dante"
From the first name Urbano, derived from the Latin word "urbanus" = citizen. Patronymic surname
From the word "uva" = grape. Probably used as a joking nickname.
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