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It derives from the name of Mount Carmel, in Israel, from the Hebrew Karmel which means "garden" or "garden of God." The name is generally given for devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, which appeared on that mountain to St. Simon Stock in 1251. In Italy it is more widespread in Sicily: the form "Carmine" is a masculine re-Italianisation of the Spanish female name Carmen.
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  • Carmelo, Carmelio, Carmino, Carmenio
  • Spanish: (feminine) Carmen
  • Latin: Carmelus
  • Portuguese: Carmo, Carmelo

Name Day

The name day is traditionally celebrated by Catholics on July 16.

Patronimic surnames

Surnames as Carmine, Di Carmine and Del Carmine derive from Carmine, and Carmelo, Carmeli, Del Carmelo, Di Carmelo.


The first prophet of Israel, Elijah (IX century BC), dwelling on Mount Carmel, had a vision of the coming of the Virgin, who rose like a small cloud from the earth to the mountain, bringing rain and saving Israel from drought. In that picture all the Christian mystics and exegetes have always seen the Virgin Mary, who bears within herself the divine Word, who gave his life to save mankind. A group of hermits, "Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel" built a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The Carmelite monks founded, also, some monasteries in the West. On 16 July 1251 the Virgin, surrounded by angels and with the Child in her arms, appeared to the Superior General of the Order, Blessed Simon Stock, to whom she gave the "scapular" with the "sabatino privilege" that is, the promise of salvation from hell, for those who would wear it, and the liberation from the pains of Purgatory on the Saturday following their death.