Surname Berardi, Bernardi and variation


From the first name Berardus, Bernardus, derived from the Germanic Bernhard, "bern" (=bear) and hard or harti ("strong", "brave"). The meaning is therefore "strong (or brave) as a bear". The name Berardo may constitute a variant of Bernardo, as well as of Everardo.
The listings collected from the white pages for Italy are based on the online phone directory for the years 2000-2005.

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Bernard (797, Vermandois, Picardy – 17 April 818, Milan, Lombardy) was the King of the Lombards from 810 to 818, a grandson of Charlemagne. He is considered the ancestor of the Counts of the Marsi, that had their center in Celano, Abruzzo. A Berarducci family, originary of Teramo - where the cathedral is dedicated to St. Berardo, a member of the Marsi counts, moved to Bisceglie, Apulia, in the 15th century.


The surname and its many variations, among them Bernardini, Berarducci, is quite common in Italy.
  • White Pages: the surname Berardi appears with over 3700 listings; Bernardi with 8600; Bernardini with over 4800; Berarducci is less common with just over 70 listings.
  • Ellis Island: over 1300 arrivals for Berardi, 1400 Bernardi, 640 Bernardini, 130 Berarducci are recorded.