Surname Armani and variations

The variations appearing in Italy are Armana, Armani, Armanetti, Armanino, Armanini, Armanio, Armanni, Armanno, Armagni, Armagno. The surname appears as business brand in many shops around the world in connection to the Italian fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani, originary of Piacenza in Emilia-Romagna.


Its derivation is Germanic and refers to the Lombard legal lexicon where the "Arimanno" represented a free man allowed to carry weapons, from "Heer"= army and "Mann"= man. In Lombard Kingdoms the Arimanni were granted tax revenues in strategic points on the frontiers with Byzantines in return for military service and were directly under royal command, sometimes also taking up "dissuasive" functions against other turbulent Longobard dukes who resisted obedience to the Sovereign. Such an arrangement was probably introduced in imitation of the Roman and Byzantine system for their border troops, who were also given land to cultivate and meadows and woods to enjoy, instead of a salary.
Variations of the Surname
Armano, Armani
  • Listings in the 2020 Italian White Pages: Armani 306, Armano 100
  • Records on Ellis Island: Armani 335 mostly from Northern Italy; Armano 42 mostly from Southern Italy (many from Polizzi Generosa).
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Armagni, Armagno
  • Listings in the 2020 Italian White Pages: Armagni 25, Armagno 12
  • Records on Ellis Island: Armagno 78 mostly from Southern Italy.
  • Listings in the 2020 Italian White Pages: 2
  • Records on Ellis Island: 7, mostly from Southern Italy.
  • Listings in the 2020 Italian White Pages: Armanetti 36
  • Records on Ellis Island: Armanetti 23, mostly from Northern and Central Italy.
Armanini, Armanino, Armanio
  • Listings in the 2020 Italian White Pages: Armanini 126, Armanino 23, Armanio 4 (from Palermo)
  • Records on Ellis Island: Armanini 172, Armanino 165, mostly from Northern Italy; Armanio 5, from Southern Italy.
Armanni, Armanno
  • Listings in the 2020 Italian White Pages: Armanni 117, Armanno 27
  • Records on Ellis Island: Armanni 21, mostly from Northern Italy; Armanno 53, mostly from Southern Italy.

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