Surname Albrizio and variation


It is derived from the Germanic personal name Alberic (see French Au-Bry), documented in Italy since the 8th century AD in the form Albericus. This name is composed of "albhi" (=elf, a benign genius in Germanic mythology) and rikia (= king). Therefore, it properly means "king of the elves."
The listings collected from the white pages for Italy are based on the online phone directory for the years 2000-2005.

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The surname is popular all over Italy, in many variations: Alberici, Alberighi, Albrizzi, etc. As a general premise, it is important to understand that a foreign etymology (Arab, Byzantine, Lombard, Norman, Germanic, etc..) does not necessarily indicate a foreign origin of the family. As a matter of fact, in the Middle Ages the adoption of foreign names in honor of conquerors was quite frequent.
  • White Pages: The surname Albrizio appears in Italy with a little over 200 listings. It is most common in the Puglia and Lombardy region, the latter probably as a result of emigration.
  • Ellis Island: arrivals for Albrizio immigrants are recorded, coming mostly from Bisceglie and Trani.