Surname ABBA, ABBATE, ABATE, ABATI, DELL'ABATE and variations


Originated probably from a nickname connected to the functions of an abbot in a monastery, or as a person worthy of respect or behaving like an abbot, or a relationship with an abbot, possibly originally being a "dell'Abate" or d'Abate". The surname is widespread in its variations especially in Southern Italy.
The listings collected from the white pages for Italy are based on the online phone directory for the years 2000-2005.
The surname is relatively common with about 800 listings in the Italian white pages, appearing in about 70 different comuni. It is mostly concentrated in Lombardia, Piemonte, Liguria.
  • White Pages: ABBA also appears in the United States with 100 listings, in Canada with 9 listings, over 100+ in Argentina. The surname in the Americas however may also be of Arabian descent.
  • Ellis Island: 51 arrivals for ABBA immigrants are recorded.
The surname ABBATE is common in Italy, appearing with over 4300 listings, in over 900 communes. It is mostly concentrated in Campania, Sicily, Lombardy. A branch of this family took origin, according to a research by heraldry historian Mugnos from one Papirius a cavalier of Rome who donated all his properties to his son and retired to Montecassino, becoming Abbot of the monastery. Descendants of his son were Troiano Abbate baron of Gibellina in the late 15th century, Gabriele baron of Ucria in 1453, Giacomo justice captain in Palermo in the late 16th century.
  • White Pages: ABBATE appears in the United States with over 800 listings, in Canada with 26 listings, in Argentina with 100+ listings.
  • Ellis Island: over 1400 arrivals for ABBATE immigrants are recorded, coming mostly from Southern Italy, namely Campania and Sicily.
The surname ABATE appears in Italy with over 4700 listings in over 900 comuni, especially concentrated in southern Italy and in the northern regions of Piedmont and Lombardy, possibly from internal immigration.
  • White Pages: ABATE appears in the United States with over 1400 listings, in Canada with 170 listings.
  • Ellis Island: 1320 arrivals for ABATE immigrants are recorded, coming mostly from Southern Italy.
The surname ABATI appears in Italy with 700 listings, in over 200 comuni, especially in Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy.
  • White Pages: ABATI appears in the United States with 54 listings, in Canada with 10 listings, in Argentina with 73 listings.
  • Ellis Island: 90 arrivals for ABATI immigrants are recorded.
The surname DELL'ABATE is relatively rare in Italy with 120 listings, in 26 comuni, especially in Puglia, Toscana, Lazio, Lombardia.
  • White Pages: DELL'ABATE appears in the United States with 6 listings.
  • Ellis Island: 5 arrivals for DELL'ABATE immigrants are recorded.
The surname appears derived from the union of Abate with Cola, short form of Nicola, and points to an ancient connection to an Abbot named Nicholas. It is concentrated in some areas in the province of Frosinone, which would point to an Abbot Nicola of Montecassino in very remote times. It appears with over 120 listings in 37 comuni. The variations Abbatecola appears in 60 communes with 135 listings, in the province of Frosinone but also in Apulia and Lombardy.
  • White Pages: ABATECOLA appears in the United States with 6 listings, in Canada with 4, in Argentina with 6 listings. ABATECOLA appears in the United States with 23 listings.
  • Ellis Island: 39 arrivals for ABATECOLA immigrants and 52 for ABBATECOLA are recorded.
Compound surname, based on the term "abate" (=Abbot), a head of monasteries, with the addition of the name Giavanni (Johannes), more evident in the varieties Abatescianni, Abategianni. The compound forms, having as a basis Abbot, are more prevalent in the South of Italy (Abatangelo, Abatantuono, Abaterusso, etc..).
The surname is relatively rare in Italy with 70 listings, in 18 comuni, appearing in Marche and Lazio, with a noble branch recorded at the court of Frederick II in the 13th century and count Giovanni Abbatelli of Cammarata in 1431.
  • White Pages: ABBATELLI appears in the United States with 6 listings.
  • Ellis Island: 3 arrivals for ABBATELLI immigrants are recorded.

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