Garibaldi's Thousand: surnames in V‑

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The Thousand

  • 1032 VACCARO Giuseppe of Francesco, born in Santa Maria Boretta on 30 March 1832, domiciled in Genoa, technician for cable transmissions.
  • 1033 VAGO Carlo Giuseppe Pietro of Antonio, born in Milan on 14 February 1840, domiciled in Stresa.
  • 1034 VAGNER Carlo of Filippo, born in Meilen (Zurich) on 15 August 1837, he received various wounds in the expedition of the Mille; now domiciled in Pittsburg (Pennsylvania), farmer, he did not produce a pension request.
  • 1035 VAJ Angelo Romeo of Giuseppe, born in Casorate Primo on 15 June 1844, previously domiciled in Milan, previously fornaio (oven worker), deceased at Calatafimi on 15 May 1860.
  • 1036 VAJANI Giovanni of late Ermenegildo, born in Soresina on 22 November 1843, domiciled in San Bassano, merchant.
  • 1037 VALCARENGHI Carlo of Tullo, born in Bozzolo, (or Piadena?), wounded at Palermo, amputee, and deceased on 7 June 1860.
  • 1038 VALDER Giuseppe Vincenzo of late Antonio, born in Varese on 13 December 1840, deceased while fighting at Custoza in 1861.
  • 1039 VALENTI Carlo Angelo of Luigi, born in Casalmaggiore on 18 February 1839, domiciled in Milan, travelling salesman.
  • 1040 VALENTI Carlo Giuseppe of Antonio, born in Bergamo on 15 September 1840, deceased in Palermo on 28 May 1860.
  • 1041 VALENTI Lorenzo of Luigi, born in Leghorn in 1831, deceased on 2 July 1872 in the asylum of Siena.
  • 1042 VALENTINI Pietro of Giovanni, born in Brescia on 14 July 1830, domiciled therein, photographer, deceased on 16 January 1871.
  • 1043 VALONCINI Alessandro of Angelo, born in Bergamo on 19 December 1836, domiciled therein, carpenter.
  • 1044 VALTOLINA Ferdinando of late Lodovico, born in Caponago in 1819, deceased in Milan on 4 August 1871.
  • 1045 VALUGANI Giuseppe of Giuseppe, born in Tirano on 6 June 1825, deceased on 5 June 1866 in Milan.
  • 1046 VANNUCCI Angelo of Giovanni, born in Leghorn on 24 August 1839, domiciled in Marsiglia, farmhand.
  • 1047 VECCHIO Giuseppe Secondo of Carlo, born in Trebecco on 1st September 1835, domiciled in Turin, farmhand.
  • 1048 VECCHIO Pietro Achille of Luigi, born in Pavia on 29 November 1842, (formerly) domiciled in Pavia, (formerly) shoemaker, deceased in prison on 21 September 1877.
  • 1049 VELASCO Nicolò Maria of Emanuele, born in Trapani on 2 November 1810, domiciled in Florence, in 1863 he was excluded from the honour of wearing a medal and the right to a pension.
  • 1050 VENTURA Eugenio Giovanni Battista of Angelo, born in Rovigo on 16 January 1835, domiciled in Treviso, (formerly) matchmaker, since 1 May 1873 clerk in the state post office.
  • 1051 VENTURA Pietro of Ambrogio, born in Genoa on 11th September 1837, domiciled in Viareggio, cabinetmaker.
  • 1052 VENTURINI Ernesto of Tommaso, born in Chioggia on 23 April 1839, domiciled in Florence, office clerk in the railways.
  • 1053 VENZO Venanzio of Domenico, born in Lugo Vicentino on 20 October 1839, previously officer in the Infantry, domiciled in Milan.
  • 1054 VIAN Antonio di Cristoforo, born in Palermo on 5 March 1836, previously deputy lieutenant of Piazza in temporary retirement, therein domiciled.
  • 1055 VICINI Francesco Luigi Domenico of late Antonio, born in Livorno. Interviewed, he declared he did not take part to the Mille Expedition, and that his name is included in the List only because one sailor from the Maremma, unknown to him, used his birth certificates with the aim to be part of the Expedition under another's name and in this way hide himself from feared investigation, since he had not honored his previous contract with a coral ship.
  • 1056 VIGANONI Giuseppe of Giovanni, born in Bergamo on 28 September 1828, deceased in Bergamo on 7 March 1861.
  • 1057 VIGO-PELIZZARI Francesco of Antonio, born in Vimercate in 1836, deceased in the battle of Mentana in 1867.
  • 1058 VINCIPROVA Leonino of Pietro, born in Salerno, previously a Major in the Infantry in temporary retirement, deceased in 1874.
  • 1059 VIOLA Lorenzo of Giovanni, born in Brescia on 4 February 1836, deceased on 9 September 1871.
  • 1060 VITALE Bartolomeo of Giuseppe, born in Palermo on 7 July 1840, domiciled therein, sea captain.
  • 1061 VITTORI Giacomo of late Andrea, born in Montefiore dell'Aso in 1808, deceased on 2 December 1871.
  • 1062 VOLPI Giuseppe of Eugenio, born in Lovere on 4 October 1843, deceased in Monte Suello in 1861.
  • 1063 VOLPI Pietro of Giovanni, born in Zogno on 18 March 1843, domiciled therein, landowner.