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The Thousand

  • 891 SACCHI Achille of Antonio, born in Gravedona on 15 August 1835, hospitalized at the asylum in Aversa, (formerly) apothecary, brother of the other under no. 893
  • 892 SACCHI Achille Leopoldo of Giuseppe, born in Pavia in 1840, deceased while fighting at Calatafimi on 15 May 1860.
  • 893 SACCHI Eugenio Ajace of Antonio, born in Appiano on 14 November 1839, (formerly) therein domiciled, in 1866 excluded from the honor of wearing a medal and the right to retirement benefits; readmitted later, deceased on 9 November 1869 a Ligametto (Canton Ticino).
  • 894 SACCHY Lodovico of Ferdinando, born in Ödenburg (Hungary) on 13 September 1826, whose present whereabouts is unknown; he was in Lodi in 1861. Previously emigrated, in April 1860 he defected from the 5th regiment Austrian ussers; excluded from the honor of wearing a medal and the right to retirement.
  • 895 SALA Antonio of late Lodovico, born in Milan on 18 August 1822, domiciled in Bergamo, blacksmith.
  • 896 SALTERIO Lazzaro of late Francesco, born in Annone di Brianza on 8th July 1824, Lieutenant Colonel in the army.
  • 897 SALTERIO Lodovico of Stefano, born in Milan on 22 August 1840, deceased in crema on 23 March 1861
  • 898 SALVADORI Giuseppe of Gaetano, born in Venice on 27 March 1833, domiciled therein, royal pensioner.
  • 899 SAMPIERI Domenico of Carlo, born in Adria on 28 April 1828, domiciled in Nocera, Colonel in the 20th Infantry.
  • 900 SANDA Giovanni Battista of late Andrea, born in Bergamo on 6 September 1828, domiciled therein, shoemaker, deceased in Bergamo on 5 September 1877.
  • 901 SANNAZZARO Ambrogio di Giulio, born in Milan on 27 January 1842, domiciled therein, furniture cleaner.
  • 902 SANT'ELMO Antonio of late Michele, born in Padula on 25 December 1815, domiciled therein, property owner.
  • 903 SARTINI Giovanni of late Giuseppe, born in Siena on 11th July 1837, domiciled in Grosseto, shoemaker.
  • 904 SARTORI Eugenio of late Antonio, born in Sacile on 15 June 1830, (formerly) landowner, deceased at Calatafimi on 15 May 1860 after being hit in the chest.
  • 905 SARTORI Giovanni of Bartolomeo, born in Costena (Genova) on 27 February 1836, domiciled in Genoa, carpenter.
  • 906 SARTORI Pietro Giovanni Battista of Giovanni Battista, born in Levico (Tyrol) on 28 December 1831, deceased in Como on 7 August 1870.
  • 907 SARTORIO Giuseppe Luigi of Agostino, born in Genoa, deceased at Calatafimi on 15 May 1860, hit in the chest.
  • 908 SAVI Francesco Bartolomeo of Francesco, born in Genoa, deceased in 1861.
  • 909 SAVI Stefano Giovanni of Francesco, born in Leghorn in 1840, (formerly) ferryman, deceased on 3 July 1861
  • 910 SCACAGLIA Ferdinando of late Antonio, born in Beneceto on 5 December 1823, domiciled in Bologna, mason.
  • 911 SCAGLIONI Angelo of late Luigi, born in Corpi Santi of Pavia in 1842, previously excluded from the honor of wearing a medal and the right to retirement benefits after a sentence of February 1864 for the attempted assassination of Napoleone III, Emperor of France; deceased in Chambéry in 1870.
  • 912 SCALUGGIA Cesare di Lodovico, born in Villa Gardona on 6 December 1837, deceased on 6 January 1861
  • 913 SCARATTI Pietro of late Giovanni, born in Medole on 24 December 1840, domiciled therein, former lieutenant in retirement.
  • 914 SCARPA Paolo of Agostino, born in Latisana on 9 July 1839, domiciled therein, engineer.
  • 915 SCARPARI Gaetano Vincenzo of late Giovanni; born in Brescia on 7 September 1817, deceased on 3 September 1867.
  • 916 SCARPARI Michelangelo of late Santo, born in Botticino Sera on 13 April 1818, (formerly) second lieutenant in the 7th Infantry, deceased on 4 December 1875 in Mompiano.
  • 917 SCARPIS Pietro of late Carlo, born in Conegliano on 15 November 1832, therein domiciled; notary.
  • 918 SCHEGGI Cesare of late Gaetano, born in Florence on 20 September 1833, (formerly) barber, deceased on 2 May 1876 in Lucca.
  • 919 SCHIAFFINO Simone di Deodato, born in Camogli, deceased at Calatafimi on 15 May 1860.
  • 920 SCHIAVONI Sante of late Giuseppe, born in Santa Maria di Sala in 1827, (formerly) domiciled in Cagliari (in 1864), deceased at the Ospedale Maggiore of Milan.
  • 921 SCHIRA Giovan Raffaele of Giuseppe, born in Pieve Porto Morone on 1st September 1838, Captain in the army.
  • 922 SCIPIOTTI Ildebrando of Celso, born in Mantua on 16 November 1832, previously officer in the Royal Army, domiciled in Sora.
  • 923 SCOGNAMILLO Andrea di Anello, born in Palermo, deceased in Genoa in 1861.
  • 924 SCOLARI Luigi of late Giacomo, born in Este in June 1837, domiciled in Caltanissetta, extraordinary office clerk at the Intendenza di Finanza.
  • 925 SCOPINI Ambrogio of late Pietro, born in Milan in 1824, previously domiciled in Pusiano, deceased in Pavia on 26 June 1870.
  • 926 SCORDILLI Antonio of Francesco, born in Venice on 28 July 1820, whose present whereabouts is unknown. Already in early June 1865 with his wife he left Ancona, where he had emigrated and afterwards it was impossible to trace him; vague news is that he moved to America. Before his voluntary exile he had not yet been authorized to the honor of wearing a medal and consequently of the right to retirement benefits.
  • 927 SCOTTI Carlo of late Alessandro, born in Verdello on 30 June 1837, domiciled therein, notary.
  • 928 SCOTTI Cesare of Pietro, born in Medolago on 3 June 1834, domiciled in Bottanuco.
  • 929 SCOTTO Lorenzo Giovan Battista Achille of Giuseppe born in Rome on 12 July 1836, domiciled therein, painter.
  • 930 SCOTTO Pietro of Domenico, born in Genoa on 26 April 1841, domiciled therein, typesetting founder.
  • 931 SCURI Enrico of Angelo, born in Bergamo on 4 June 1839, deceased in Bergamo on 7 April 1861.
  • 932 SECONDI Ferdinando of Carlo, born in Dresano on 29 August 1836, domiciled in Turano, landowner.
  • 933 SEMENZA Giovan Antonio of Francesco, born in Monza on 5 February 1836, previously domiciled in Sant'Angelo Milanese, and lawyer, deceased in Milan in November 1877.
  • 934 SERINO Ovidio of Francesco, born in Corifi Mercato (Salerno) on 5 April 1813, domiciled therein, priest; He requested a pension, but could not obtain it since he did not care to request from the Ministry of War the authorization to a medal, as prescribed.
  • 935 SGARALLINO Giovanni Jacopo di Demetrio, born in Leghorn on 9 March 1826, domiciled therein, merchant.
  • 936 SILIOTTO Antonio di Gervasio, born in Porto Legnago on 6 August 1838, domiciled in Legnago, lawyer.
  • 937 SILVA Carlo Guido of late Luigi, born in Bergamo on 17 September 1844, domiciled in Milan, agent and previously officer in the Royal Army.
  • 938 SIMONETTA Antonio of Cesare, born in Milan, deceased in Palermo on 28 May 1860, at the Convent of Benedettini.
  • 939 SIMONI Ignazio of late Tommaso, born in Medicina on 15 August 1826, (formerly) army major, deceased in Novara on 7 April 1862, after a fall form horseback.
  • 940 SIRTOLI Carlo of Pietro, born in Bergamo on 24 December 1838, (formerly) deputy lieutenant in the 62nd Infantry, deceased on 15 April 1876 at Nola.
  • 941 SIRTOLI Melchiorre of Antonio, born in Bergamo on 10 February 1819, domiciled therein, painter, and previously officer in the Royal Army.
  • 942 SIRTORI Giuseppe of Giuseppe, born in Casate Vecchio on 17 April 1813, previously lieutenant-general, deceased in Rome on 18 September 1871.
  • 943 SISTI Carlo Giuseppe of Giuseppe, born in Pasturago on 16 June 1841, deceased in Pasturago on 6 December 1870.
  • 944 SIVELLI Giovan Battista Egisto of Antonio, born in Genoa on 22 November 1843, domiciled therein, shopkeeper.
  • 945 SOCAL Domenico of late Gerardo, born in Venice on 24 March 1838, domiciled therein, orchestra member, excluded from the honor of wearing a medal.
  • 946 SOLARI Camillo Vincenzo of late Giovanni Battista, born in Genoa on 3 June 1835, therein domiciled.
  • 947 SOLARI Francesco of Lorenzo, there is uncertainty about his place of origin, and present condition. He was believed from genoa, but he is totally unknown to local authorities there. According to private information, he was a second lieutenant in the 42nd regiment Infantry, and left the service to emigrate to America, as many others did.
  • 948 SOLARI Luigi of Giovan Battista, born in Genoa on 26 January 1840, therein domiciled, merchant.
  • 949 SOLIGO Giuseppe of Giuseppe, born in Treviso on 12 July 1826, domiciled in Radicofani, previously second lieutenant in the 53rd Infantry, deceased in Radicofani on 14 September 1861.
  • 950 SORA Ignazio of late Santo, born in Bergamo on 25 February 1840, domiciled therein, shopkeeper.
  • 951 SORANGA Giovanni of late Antonio, born in Calcio on 17 August 1837, domiciled in Antegnate, tenant.
  • 952 SORBELLI Giuseppe of Salvatore, born in Castel del Piano on 15 July 1815, deceased on 4 July 1871.
  • 953 SPANGARO Pietro of late Giovan Battista, born in Venice in 1813, domiciled in Milan, Colonel in the Infantry in retirement.
  • 954 SPERANZINI Francesco, of unknown parents, born in Mantua on 5 April 1840, domiciled in Piubega, farmer.
  • 955 SPERTI Pietro Sante of Andrea, born in Leghorn on 6 July 1837, domiciled in Fauglia, farmhand.
  • 956 SPROVIERI Francesco of late Michele, born in Acri on 2 May 1826, domiciled in Rome, Colonel in the army, and Member of Parliament.
  • 957 SPROVIERI Vincenzo of late Michele, born in Acri on 20 February 1823, domiciled therein, landowner, lawyer, and Senator of the Kingdom.
  • 958 STAGNETTI Pietro of Luigi, born in Orvieto on 30 April 1827, domiciled in Rome.
  • 959 STEFANINI Giuseppe of Francesco, born in Arcola 11 January 1846, domiciled in Asti.
  • 960 STELLA Innocente of late Giovan Battista, born in Arsiero on 14 July 1837, (formerly) man of means, deceased while fighting at Villa Gualtieri, in Maddaloni, on 1st October 1860.
  • 961 STERCHELE Antonio of Pietro, born in Trento on 29 September 1883, domiciled in Turin.
  • 962 STRAZZA Achille of Giacomo, born in Milan in 1842, domiciled at Porretta; railway stationmaster.
  • 963 STRILLO Giuseppe: no official record about him. According to private information he was born in Venice in 1832, formerly a sailor, a sergeant at Talamone in the 4th Company, 15th Division, 2nd Battallion, and released from service in Naples on 5 December 1860; but there is doubt that his surname might have been either SFRISO or STRISO, not Strillo. To the authorities in Venice he is utterly unknown.
  • 964 STOCCO Francesco of Antonio, born in Decollatura in 1806, domiciled in Nicastro, landowner and Generale in retirement.
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