Garibaldi's Thousand: surnames in H - I‑

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The Thousand

  • 540 HERTER Edoardo of late Carlo, born in Treviso on 2 February 1834, domiciled in Tapalquen (Patagonia), doctor. He received a pension until he emigrated.
  • 541 IMBALDI Francesco of Pietro, born in Milan on 10 March 1835, deceased in Palermo on 25 June 1860.
  • 542 IMPERATORI Natale of late Agostino, born in Lugano on 13 May 1830, domiciled therein, stationer; because of a political sentence passed against him in France in February 1864, he was excluded from the honor of wearing a medal and the right to retirement benefits.
  • 543 INCAO Alessandro Angelo of late Domenico, born in Costa di Rovigo on 9 June 1837, domiciled therein, hotel keeper.
  • 544 INVERNIZZI Carlo Luigi of late Pietro, born in Bergamo on 9 February 1827, domiciled in Messina, scribe (clerk).
  • 545 INVERNIZZI Pietro Gerolamo of late Pietro, born in Bergamo on 29 June 1833, domiciled in Genoa, bookseller.
  • 546 ISNENGHI Enrico of Francesco, born in Roveredo (Trento) on 7 July 1831, domiciled in Bergamo, watchmaker.