Garibaldi's Thousand: surnames in A‑

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The Thousand

  • 1 ABBA Giuseppe Cesare of Giuseppe, born in Cairo Montenotte on 6 October 1838, domiciled therein, landowner, man of letters.
  • 2 ABBAGNALE Giuseppe of late Melchiorre, born in Casola on 25 November 1816, deceased in Aversa on 13 February 1869.
  • 3 ABBONDANZA Domenico of Giuseppe, born in Genoa on 18 July 1824, domiciled therein, shopkeeper.
  • 4 ACERBI Giovanni, born in Castelgoffredo on 14 November 1825, a former Member of Parliament, deceased in Florence on 4 September 1869.
  • 5 ADAMOLI Carlo of Francesco, born in Milan on 22 March 1842, domiciled in Melegano, tenant
  • 6 AGAZZI Isaia Luigi of late Alessandro, born in Bergamo on 10 December 1838, domiciled therein, an officer at rest of the Royal Army.
  • 7 AGRI Vincenzo, born in Florence on 15 April 1833; totally unknown in his country. He was not found, as some thought, in the records of the former Institute now Ospizio Garibaldi of Palermo.
  • 8 AJELLO Giuseppe of Giusto, born in Palermo in the year 1828, deceased in the asylum of Palermo on 1st December 1869.
  • 9. AIRENTA Gerolamo of Giovanni Battista, born in Rossiglione in 1842, (formerly) property owner, deceased in December 1875 in the asylum of Milano.
  • 10. ALBERTI Clemente of Arcangelo, born in Carugate on 23 November 1835, domiciled in Monza, caffettiere (=barman), second lieutenant of retired volunteers.
  • 11 ALESSIO Giuseppe. Included in the Bulletin of 1864, but there is no official data to confirm his presence among the Mille. Some say he belonged to the 6th company of the Talamone expedition.
  • 12 ALFIERI Benigno of Luigi, born in Bergamo on 7 March 1841, domiciled therein, coppersmith.
  • 13 ALPRON Abramo Isacco of Jacob, born in Padua on 22 June 1834, domiciled therein, shopkeeper.
  • 14 AMATI Fermo of Giovanni, born in Bergamo on 17 February 1841, deceased in Palermo in 1860.
  • 15 AMISTANI Giovanni of Angelo, born in Brescia on 7 April 1831, domiciled in Verona, scribe (clerk).
  • 16 ANDRETTA Domenico of late Benedetto, born in Portobuffolè on 6 February 1838, domiciled therein, landowner.
  • 17 ANDREOTTI Luigi of Francesco, born in San Terenzo (Sarzana-Lerici) on 20 February 1829, deceased in Lerici on 26 April 1871
  • 18 ANFOSSI Francesco of late Giuseppe, born in Nizza in 1819, excluded from the honor of a medal and the right to retirement benefits.
  • 19 ANTOGNOLI Federico di Decio, born in Bergamo on 17 August 1839, (formerly) tailor, deceased at Calatafimi in 1860.
  • 20 ANTONELLI Giovanni of late Arcangelo, born in Pedona (Camajore) on 13 December 1820, domiciled in Lucca.
  • 21 ANTONELLI Stefano of Francesco, born in Sajano on 20 August 1841, deceased on 24 April 1867.
  • 22 ANTONGINI Alessandro of late Gaetano, born in Milan in 1842, deceased on 14 April 1870 in Milan.
  • 23 ANTONGINI Carlo of late Gaetano, born in Milan on 19 September 1836, and therein domiciled, shopkeeper.
  • 24 ANTONINI Marco of Pietro, born in San Daniele on 8th December 1834, domiciled in Udine, shopkeeper.
  • 25 ARCANGELI Febo of Angelo, born in Sarnico on 3 January 1839, domiciled in Vaprio, agente di negozio (=sales agent).
  • 26 ARCANGELI Isacco di Bartolo, born in Sarnico on 9 September 1838, domiciled therein, apothecary.
  • 27 ARCARI Sante Luigi of Angelo, born in Cremona on 17 July 1826, deceased in Milan on 19 April 1871.
  • 28 ARCHETTI Giovan Maria of Giacomo, born in Iseo on 13 January 1840, domiciled therein, notary.
  • 29 ARCONATI Rinaldo di Enrico, born in Milan on 27 July 1845, domiciled in Varese, lawyer.
  • 30 ARETOCA Ulisse, included in the Bulletin of 1864, but there is no official data to confirm his presence among the Mille. (Note that amongst several instances of evidence recently produced to the Home Ministry, there is one of Rebua Ulisse of Leghorn who says that he took part to the Talamone expedition, and was mistakenly included among the Mille of Marsala Below under the name of Aretoca Ulisse who does not belong to him). Private information would assign Aretoca to the 2nd Company of the Talamone expedition.
  • 31 ARGENTINO Achille of late Raffaele, born in Sant'Angelo de' Lombardi on 1st December 1821, domiciled in Salerno, engineer and director of the Succursale of Banco di Napoli.
  • 32 ARMANINO Giovanni of Girolamo, born in Genoa on 13 March 1839, domiciled therein, shoemaker.
  • 33 ARMANI Antonio of Francesco, born in Riva di Trento on 6 February 1837, domiciled in Limone San Giovanni.
  • 34 ARMELLINI Bartolomeo of late Antonio, born in Montepulciano on 24 May 1843, domiciled therein, greengrocer.
  • 35 ARTIFFONI Pietro of Antonio, born in Bergamo on 6 December 1818, domiciled in Pedrengo.
  • 36 ASCANI Zelindo of Girolamo, born in Montepulciano on 24 May 1843, domiciled therein, carpenter.
  • 37 ASPERTI Pietro Giovan Battista of late Giovanni, born in Bergamo 19 January 1839, domiciled therein, landowner.
  • 40 ASTORI Felice of Giovanni, born in San Pellegrino on 2 November 1827, domiciled in Bergamo, baker.
  • 41 AZZI Adolfo of Agostino, born in Trecenta on 25 August 1837, deceased in Palermo on 4 July 1860 because of a wound in the thigh.
  • 42 AZZOLINI Carlo, included in the Bulletin of 1864, but there is no official data to confirm his presence among the Mille of Marsala. Private information assign him to the expedition of Talamone, in the 2nd Company.