Garibaldi's Thousand: Names added by Garibaldi

The list is based on I Nomi dei Mille (published on the Gazzetta Ufficiale of 12 November 1878). Here find listed the Other Thousand added by Garibaldi in his Memoirs. To the names published Garibaldi wanted to add the portraits of others that did not appear in the list provided by the Ministry of War, either in 1864 or in 1878.

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The Thousand

  • ASPERTI Vito Luigi of Giovanni, born in Bergamo on 15 June 1845, deceased in unknown place on 7 January 1908. In 1860, against the will of his parents, only fifteen years old, together with his brother Pietro, he enlisted in the Garibaldi Expedition. With Benigno Alfieri he was charged with finding cheap food for the expedition of the Thousand. He distinguished himself for his courage in combat, particularly in the conquest of Palermo.
  • ASTENGO Angelo, born in Albissola Marina on 20 September 1835
  • AVEZZANA Giuseppe, born on 19 February 1797 in Chieri (Torino), from Lorenzo and Caterina Molino, a patriot and fighter in many revolutions during the Risorgimento. later a General in the Army. In the 1860's was elected to the Italian Parliament, died in Rome on 25 December 1879. Article on Wikipedia
  • BAJ Luigi of Gaetano, born in Lodi
  • CAMPIANO Bartolomeo of Lorenzo, born in Genoa
  • PIAZZA Alessandro of Gaetano, born in Rome, a goldsmith in Genoa, joined the "colonna Zambianchi" of the Thousand, in 1871 was still living, afterwards his whereabouts or date of death is unknown.
  • BERNARDI Giuseppe
  • BIANCHINI Eugenio
  • BIGANZOLA Cesare
  • BONO Gaudenzio
  • BOTTARO (BOTTARO) Vincenzo, born in Genoa?
  • BRUGGIO Carlo
  • FERRETTO Angelo
  • FRANCESCHI Francesco
  • FRANCHI Martino
  • GUERRAZZI Francesco Domenico born in Livorno, 12 August 1804 - died in Cecina, 23 September 1873 - Wikipedia article
  • LAJO(SCHI) Venceslao, born in Hungary
  • LOVATI (LORATI o LORATO?) Carlo, born in Pavia
  • PANTALEO Giovanni, born in Castelvetrano on 5 August 1831, deceased in Rome on 3 august 1879 Wikipedia article
  • PIZZI Giuseppe
  • RIBOLI Timoteo, born in Colorno, 24 January 1809 - died in Torino, 15 april 1895. Garibaldi's personal physician, a scientist and writer, the founder of the Italian Association for the Protection of Animals (ENPA) - Wikipedia article
  • RICCABONE Franco
  • ROLLI Olinto
  • TESTORI Luigi
  • UGOLINI Arrigo
  • VALERIO Cesare