Ardeatine Victims: Surnames in V‑

The list of victims is based on official records, collected and reconstructed after decades of research and forensics investigation.

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The Sacelli

[Explanations of Sources and Abbreviations]
  • 320- VALESANI Otello, born on 14 September 1924 or 1921 in Rome (RM), son of Mario and Angela Ferri; cobbler, belonging to Movimento Comunista d'Italia, Bandiera Rossa Roma - (*b); source: ANFIM.
  • 321- VERCILLO Giovanni (29), born on 11 October 1908 in Catanzaro (CZ), son of Luigi and Teresa De Riso; clerk, belonging to Fronte Militare Clandestino, Banda Fossi); (*a); source: ANFIM.
  • 322- VILLORESI Renato, born on 13 February 1917 in Rome (RM), son of Lorenzo and Emma Tedeschi; Captain of the Lanceri di Montebello, belonging to Fronte Militare Clandestino, Banda Fossi; (*a); medal: Gold V.M.; source: ANFIM.
  • 323- VIOTTI Pietro, born on 22 August 1909 in Rocca Santo Stefano (RM), son of Luigi and Rosa Alberti; merchant, belonging to Movimento Comunista d'Italia - Bandiera Rossa Roma; (*f); source: ANFIM.
  • 324- VIVANTI Angelo, born on 27 March 1884 in Rome (RM), son of Vitale and Sara Sonnino; merchant; (*e); source: Shoah.
  • 325- VIVANTI Giacomo, born on 11 November 1911 in Rome (RM), son of Angelo and Fortunata Spizzichino; merchant; (*e); source: Shoah.
  • 326- VIVENZIO Gennaro (30), born on 09 February 1911 in Quindici (AV), son of Francesco and Clementina Santaniello; clerk; (*a); source: Difesa.
  • 327- VOLPONI Guido, born on 20 October 1907 in Sant'Angelo in Lizzola (PU), son of Roberto and Maria Borsetti; clerk; (*h); source: ANFIM.