Ardeatine Victims: Surnames in N‑

The list of victims is based on official records, collected and reconstructed after decades of research and forensics investigation.

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The Sacelli

[Explanations of Sources and Abbreviations]
  • 227- NAPOLEONE Agostino, born on 14 September 1918 in Cagliari (CA), son of Giuseppe and Carolina Ferralasco; Second Lieutenant in the Navy, belonging to Fronte Militare Clandestino; (*a); medal: Silver V.M.; source: ANFIM.
  • 228- NATILI Celestino, born on 18 or 20 July 1920 in Rome (RM), son of Mariano and Lucia Natili; merchant, belonging to PSIUP (Partito Socialista); (*a); source: ANFIM.
  • 229- NATILI Mariano, born on 18 May 1887 in Amatrice (RI), son of Celestino and Settimia Di Tommaso; merchant; (*a); source: ANFIM.
  • 230- NAVARRA Giuseppe, born on 29 March 1885 in Pizzoli (AQ), son of Giovanni and Angela Maria Perilli; farmer - (*b); source: ANFIM.
  • 231- NINCI Sestilio, born on 16 April 1895 in Cecina (LI), son of Bernardo and Maria Ferrari; tram-driver, belonging to PSIUP (Partito Socialista); (*a); source: ANFIM.
  • 232- NOBILI Edoardo, born on 01 February 1894 in Norcia (PG), son of Giovanni and Vittoria Caciolini; mechanic, belonging to Fronte Militare Clandestino, Banda Angeloni; (*f); source: ANFIM.
  • 233- NORMA Fernando, born on 06 January 1907 in Rome (RM), son of Romolo and Lucia Castrichella; cabinetmaker, belonging to Partito d'Azione; (*f); source: Rosselli.