Ardeatine Victims: Surnames in H‑, I‑, K‑

The list of victims is based on official records, collected and reconstructed after decades of research and forensics investigation.

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The Sacelli

[Explanations of Sources and Abbreviations]
  • 163- HAIPEL Mario, born on 16 May 1911 in Trieste (TS), son of Mario and Antonietta Parenzan; Marshal in the Army, belonging to Fronte Militare Clandestino; (*a); source: ANFIM.
  • 164- IAFORTE Domenico, born on 15 November 1893 in Sora (FR), son of Antonio and Restituta Di Pede; cobbler, belonging to Partito Comunista Italiano; (*a); source: ANFIM.
  • 165- IALUNA Sebastiano, born on 10/ or 20 October 1920 in Mineo (CT), son of Agrippino and Ignazia Salerno; farmer - (*b); source: ANFIM.
  • 166- IMPERIALI Costantino, born on 12 May 1908 in Palombara Sabina (RM), son of Costantino and Luisa Imperiali; wine agent, belonging to Movimento Comunista d'Italia - Bandiera Rossa Roma; (*f); source: ANFIM.
  • 167- INTRECCIALAGLI Mario, born on 02 April 1922 or 1921 in Montecompatri (RM), son of Costantino and Agnese Mevi; cobbler, belonging to Partito d'Azione; (*f); source: Rosselli.
  • 168- KERESZTI Sandor, born on 13 or 15 August 1914 in Budapest (Ungheria) (EE), son of Sandor and Barbara Gergelj; Officer, belonging to Partito d'Azione; (*a); source: Rosselli.