The Heroes of Fosse Ardeatine

Renato Guttuso painting of 1950 On 24 March 1944 365 Italian prisoners were killed by German troops in reprisal for a partisans' attack. The list of victims is based on official records, collected and reconstructed after decades of research and forensics investigation.
The "sacelli" [from the Latin sacellum, small sacred enclosure], house the remains of the victims of the massacre; they are numbered from 1 to 335, based on the order in which the bodies were found. The 336th is an empty tomb, dedicated to all those who died in massacres carried out by Nazi and Fascist forces in Italy.

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  • ANFIM= Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Italiane Martiri caduti per la libertà della patria - http://www.anfim-nazionale.it/
  • ANPI= Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d'Italia
  • Ascarelli= ASCARELLI Attilio, "Le Fosse Ardeatine" (1965), Canesi, Roma.
  • Difesa= Italian Defence Ministry - Records of Victims and Missing soldiers in World War Two.
  • RomaEb = Comunità Ebraica di Roma (Jewish Community of Rome) - http://www.romaebraica.it/
  • Rosselli = Circolo Rosselli Milano - http://www.circolorossellimilano.org/, an organization of Liberals and Socialists in memory of Carlo and Nello Rosselli, assassinated under Fascism.
  • Sentenza = the Decision in the Kappler Trial, Tribunale Militare di Roma, 20/07/1948-19/12/1953, in Ascarelli's book, pages 165-170
  • Shoah = Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea CDEC - http://www.nomidellashoah.it/
  • Triggiano = Triggiano Democratica http://www.triggianodemocratica.info/


  • EE = Born outside Italy
  • V.M. = Medal to Military Value
  • M.C. = Medal to Civil Merit
  • (*a) = held by the Außenkommandos (kind of concentration camps) for police investigation (154 names)
  • (*b) = held by the Feldgericht (German Military Court) waiting for judgement (23)
  • (*c) = sentenced to death by the Feldgericht, waiting for execution (3)
  • (*d) = sentenced by the Feldgericht to prison terms from 1 to 15 years (16)
  • (*e) = Jewish citizens (75)
  • (*g) = held by the Questura (Italian Law Court), arrsteed for reasons of public security (10).
  • (*f) = held by the Questura (Italian Law Court), arrested for political reasons (40).
  • (*h) = arrested near Via Rasella (10)
  • (*i) = acquitted by the Feldgericht (1)