Victims of the 1943 Rome bombing: Surnames in O‑

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List of Victims

  • OLEVANO Maria, of Francesco [A-9]
  • ONORATI Gina, of late Michele and of Luigia Pistolesi, born in Roma, 12 years old
  • ONORATI Michele, of late Emilio, born in Montelanico, 45 years old
  • ORECCHIA Nello, of Giovanni, born in 1923
  • ORLANDI Adelaide, of late Alfredo, born in Rome in Oct 1903
  • ORLANDI Maria, of late Agostino
  • ORLANDINI Silvio [0343]
  • ORSINI Anna, of Enrico
  • ORSINI Marisa, of Enrico
  • ORSINI Milena, of Enrico
  • ORSINI Sestina, of late Berardo and of Marconi Maria, born in Castelsantangelo in 1906
  • OTTOLENGHI Margherita Clelia, of late Salvatore and of late Terracini Elisa, born in Savigliano(Cn) on 6 March 1887, working at stab. SAIM