Catasto Onciario of Sora, 1744

The indexes in this section are derived from the Collettiva delle Oncie, which is in the last volume of the Catasto in microfilms in the state archive of Frosinone.

Alphabetical Index

The 740 "Fuochi" of the Cittadini abitanti (= Resident Citizens) are indexed by surname.
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Other Onciario Indexes

Notes on the Indexes

All Heads of Family appear in the microfilms in Frosinone in alphabetical order by first name, and have been here reordered alphabetically by category and surname. Common abbreviations are qm (= of late) and in capillis (= unmarried lady).

Each record includes in square brackets the details necessary to find/request copies of the whole family page (where details are given of census data of all members of the family, jobs, residence if outside, and properties) in the microfilms in Frosinone or the manuscripts in Naples: the book in Roman numbers (I, II, III, IV, V, VI) and the page number. The 6 volumes of the Catasto, available in the original in the archive of Naples, are in three microfilms.

  • Microfilm 263: contains volume I (letters A - C, pages 1-357) and volume II (letters D - F, pages 373-827)
  • Microfilm 264: contains volume III (letters G - I, pages 845-1363) and volume IV (letters L - Z, pages 1373-1919)
  • Microfilm 265: contains volume V (enti ecclesiastici A-C, pages 2245-2269) and volume VI (D - F, Forestieri, Appendice, Indice - pages 2391 to 2580).
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