Deaths of Italian Emigrants' abroad, Surnames in "Q"

The records of Italian individuals with surname in "Q" were transcribed as they appear in the original, in alphabetical order. Other information included the age of the deceased, names of parents when available, place and date of death.

Abbreviations & Notes

  • qm= late
  • piroscafo= steamboat
  • bastimento= ship
  • names of places were left in the Italian language, as they appear

Other Surnames starting with:

  • 835 -- Qualla Zaccaria, age 5, of Antonio and Emmer Maria, in Trieste 1887.01.09
  • 836 -- Quercia Angelo, age 39, of Angelo and Casenza Carmela, in Guelma 1885.02.24
  • 837 -- Quercioli Ambrosio, age 2 months, of Giuseppe and Bornida Vittoria, in Cette 1895.01.30
  • 838 -- Quilico Francesca, age 1, of Giovanni and Bevolo Rosa, in Bone 1884.02.03
  • 839 -- Quillico Giuseppina, age 4, of Giuseppe and Elisabetta, in Pui St. Reparade 1884.12.09