Deaths of Italian Emigrants abroad: surnames in E‑

The records of Italian individuals with surname in E‑ were transcribed as they appear in the original, in alphabetical order. Other information included the age of the deceased, names of parents when available, place and date of death.

Alphabetical Index

Records of Death

[Explanations of Abbreviations]
  • 385 -- Emilio Michele, age 32, of Giovanni and Maria, in Setif 1883.12.10
  • 386 -- Enrico Antonio, age 54, of Giovanni, in Marsiglia 1885.08.03
  • 387 -- Esbrazia Federico, age 38, of Vincenzo qm and Bore Anna, in Philippeville 1885.07.05
  • 388 -- Escandelari Ilario, age 37, of Giovanni and Domenica, in Marsiglia 1883.07.24
  • 389 -- Escarpine Giuseppe, age 64, of Nicola qm and Anna, in Setif 1884.10.14