Cologna Marriages 1825-1860

Cologna is a small place near the Adriatic, today included in the municipality of Roseto degli Abruzzi.
The Marriage records were transcribed by a researcher of the Corradetti family from the LDS microfilms, and both for the handwriting and difficulty of the original may contain omissions and possible mistakes, therefore the present database must be used as a help but not taken for granted, any record of interest should be checked against its original. Each record contains year, date and number, names of spouses and often names of parents. The place of origin is mentioned if the bride or groom came from other places - usually the bride would move to the husband's place after marriage. The brides are almost all from Cologna, since the marriages used to be celebrated in the bride's place. The records are indexed twice, by surname of bridegroom and surname of bride.

Alphabetical Index

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