Some Military Records for Popoli

The records listed are only for some years and not complete. Brfore requesting a passport to emigrate, the Military office made a check on the situation of the individual, and recorded the destination in order to summon them through the nearest consulate in case of call to arms.

List of Military Records

  • Aloisantoinio Donato, born on 1893 28 Jan., farmer, of late Aloisantonio Bonifacio and Santoro Maria
  • Antinarella Nicola, born on 1893 17 April, farmer, of Antinarella Bonifacio and Lattanzio Maria Giovanna
  • Antonucci Raffaele, born on 1893 07 Nov., farmer, of Antonucci Salvatore and Costantini Filomena
  • Aquilio Enrico, born on 1893 11 Sept., farmer, of Aquilio Domenico and Camarra Anna Maria
  • Bernabeo Angelo, born on 1893 21 July, farmer, of Bernabeo Francesco and Martocchia Maria Laura
  • Brandano Pasquale, born on 1893 25 Nov., farmer, of Brandano Bonifacio and Frascarella Anna
  • Camarra Antonio, born on 1867 02 Jan., farmer, of Camarra Emanuele Marsilii Pasquarosa, left for New York 15.02.1896
  • Camarra Domenico, born on 1893 05 March, farmer, of Camarra Gaetano and Colella Filomena, left for Boston
  • Canulino Francesco, born on 1893 24 Jan., farmer, of Canulino Pasquale and Santoro Anna, left for Usa
  • Casarelli Emidio, born on 1893 16 Nov., farmer, of Casarelli Salvatore and Passeggina Angiola, left for Francia
  • Castricone Remigio, born on 1893 04 Aug., farmer, of Castricone Salvatore and Marchese anna, left for Usa
  • Ciampa Francesco, born on 1893 28 July, farmer, of Ciampa gaetano and Paolini filomena
  • Ciampa Luigi, born on 1893 26 Jan., farmer, of Ciampa Bonifacio and Antinarella Angiola
  • Ciccarelli Virginio, born on 1893 29 Dec., farmer, of Ciccarelli Giuseppe and Cafarelli filomena Usa
  • Cipollla Domenico, born on 1893 15 Jan., farmer, of Cipolla Francesco Paolo and Bernabeo Teresa, born on 18.02.1913, deceased before military duty
  • Cirillo Franco, born on 1893 29 Jan., farmer, of Cirillo Gennaro and Zaino Crocifissa, left for Napoli
  • Colella Nicola, born on 1893 09 May, farmer, of Colella Gabriele and Pettinella Grazia
  • Contasti Aquinio, born on 1893 01 March, farmer, of Contasti Antonio and D'Aurelio Aquilina, left for Bussi
  • Contini Nicola, born on 1893 16 Oct., farmer, of late Contini Vincenzo and late Lattanzio Maria Domenica, left for Boston
  • Corazzini Giuseppe, born on 1893 18 March, farmer, of Corazzini Emidio and Pettinella Laurenzia
  • Corsetti Gioacchino, born on 1893 26 Nov., farmer, of Corsetti Paolo Angelo and Concordia Anna, left for Philadelphia
  • Corti Iuacomo, born on 1893 10 Sept., farmer, of Corti luigi and Verna Virginia, left for Usa
  • Costantini Giovanni, born on 1893 21 May, farmer, of Costantini bonifacio and Marzola Grazia, left for New york
  • Costantini Nicola, born on 1893 17 Nov., farmer, of Costantini Antonio and Piersante Luigina
  • Csadei Luigi, born on 1893 26 Dec., farmer, of Casdei Giuseppe and Di Tommaso Carmela
  • D'Amato Ercole, born on 1893 02 Nov., farmer, of D'Amato Francesco Paolo and Fistola Anna, left for New york
  • D'Andrea Lucio, born on 1893 22 Jan., student, of D'Andrea Francesco and Catenazzi Cecilia, left for Roma
  • De Angelis Rodelfino, born on 1893 01 April, cobbler, of De Angelis Francescantonio and Mancini Anna, left for abroad
  • De Panfilis Nicola, born on 1893 05 May, barber, of De Panfilis Nicodemo and Rainaldi Ennia
  • De Santis Vincenzo, born on 1893 04 July, farmer, of late De santis panfilo and late Forcucci Lavinia, left for New york
  • Del Conte Agostino, born on 1893 01 Aug., farmer, of late Del Conte Fulvio and late Valerio Angela
  • Del Conte Emidio, born on 1893 15 Nov., farmer, of Del Conte Andrea and Pastorelli Maria, left for New York
  • Del Grande Carlo, born on 1893 23 Nov., farmer, of Del Grande Francesco Paolo and Castricone Gemma, left for Usa
  • Della Rocca Gaspare, born on 1893 15 Sept., farmer, of Della Rocca Antonio and Della Rocca Maria Giuseppa, left for Usa
  • Di Battista Pasquale, born on 1893 06 Jan., farmer, of Di Battista Filippo and Deltri Giovanna?, left for Boston
  • Di Domenico Vincenzo, born on 1893 20 Dec., farmer, of Di Domenico of late Angelo and Alberico Erminia 31.12.1912, deceased before call to arms
  • Di Giacomandrea Salvatore, born on 1893 27 March, farmer, of Di Giacomandrea Bonifacio and Serafini Anna Maria, left for Boston
  • Di Rosa Emidio, born on 1893 05 Jan., farmer, of Di Rosa Antonio and Giangregorio Annantonia
  • Di Scipio Agostino, born on 1893 01 Aug., farmer, of Di Scipio Nunzio and La Capruccia Anna
  • Di Scipio Antonio, born on 1867 21 Dec., of Di Scipio Camillo and Papi Concetta 17.02.1899 Usa
  • Di virgilio Salvatore, born on 1893 20 Dec., farmer, of Di Virgilio Francesco Paolo and Piersante Teresa, left for Usa
  • Diodati Francescopalo, born on 1893 01 Aug., farmer, of Diodati Domenico and Cialone Chiara
  • Diodati Salvatore, born on 1893 03 Jan., farmer, of Diodati Domenico and Di Nino Liberata, left for Usa
  • Farano Vittorino, born on 1893 13 July, farmer, of Farano Luigi and Silvestri Giuseppina
  • Finocchi Giuseppe, born on 1893 16 Sept., farmer, of Finocchi Antonio and Damiano Eleonora, left for Usa
  • Forcucci Angelo, born on 1893 05 Aug., farmer, of Forcucci Domenico and Pantaleone Concetta, left for New york
  • Frascarella Emidio, born on 1893 27 February, farmer, of Frascarella Antonio and Diodati Liberata, left for New york
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