Notary Records for Manoppello

notary books Ancient Notary deeds may help genealogy research in establishing family relations between individuals, especially when the deed is a division, a dowry assignment or a will.
The indexes here supplied contains all references to request photographs of the pages (year, page, title of deed). The pages to request must include also the first page of the following deed, where the final paragraphs may be contained. The volumes are preserved in the State archive of Chieti, Via Ferri Fernando, 25 - 66100 Chieti (CH).

Index Notary Serafini Years 1667-1670


notary seal
  • The index, as well as the large part of the deeds, are written in Latin.
  • The "foglio" [F] is the page (front and back, left pages did not have numbers) where the deed appears, and usually continues up to the next deed.