Onciario Città Sant'Angelo 1746 - Residing Churchmen

This category, in Italian "Ecclesiastici Cittadini Residenti Bonatenenti" includes men of the church that have properties on which they have to pay taxes. The testatico tax instead (1 ducato) is not levied on them, they are exempt also from the activity tax, and they do not have family with them. Often they are listed with their age in the family of a father, brother or nephew.
They may be listed as "sacerdote"= priest, "canonico"= responsible for celebrating the liturgical functions of their own church, "arciprete"= the eldest priest in a cathedral, "diacono"= immediately under the priest, with functions of assistance in the exercise of worship.
AURITI Micchele, sacerdote, (p. 341) * BRUNI Micchele, sacerdote canonico, (p. 342v) * CEPPA Giuseppe, sacerdote canonico, (p. 336) * DE AMICIS Nicola, sacerdote canonico, (p. 343) * DE HIERONYMIS Micchele, sacerdote, (p. 342v-2) * DE INNOCENTIIS Salvatore, diacono, (p. 343v) * DOMENICUCCI Fulvio, sacerdote, (p. 334v) * FIRMANI Tommaso, sacerdote, (p. 344) * FRAGASSI Giuseppe, sacerdote, (p. 335v) * LEONE Alessandro, sacerdote, (p. 331v) * NATALE Martino, sacerdote, (p. 342) * PANDOLFI Lorenzo, canonico, (p. 340) * PERAZZI Giulio, sacerdote, (p. 337) * PETRONI Antonio, sacerdote, (p. 331) * PROCACCINI Diodato, sacerdote, (p. 332v) * PROCACCINI Giovan Battista, arciprete, (p. 338v) * PROCACCINI Giovanni, sacerdote, (p. 339) * PUGLIESE Giacinto, sacerdote, (p. 336v) * RANALLI Filippo, sacerdote, (p. 334) * SALTARELLI Giuseppe, sacerdote, (p. 338) * SOTII Giustino, canonico, (p. 337v) * TIZZA Domenico Antonio, sacerdote canonico, (p. 332) * TROILO Domenico, sacerdote, (p. 333) * UMANI Francesco, sacerdote canonico, (p. 335)

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