DE VINCENTIS Giovanni Carlo

DE VINCENTIS Giovanni Carlo, lives on his own means, 29
  • Anna Chiara, daughter, 4
  • Maria Felicia, daughter, 2
  • Donatantonio, brother, 27
  • PUMELLA Marianna, wife 21
  • Amadeo, brother, 17
  • Oraziantonio and Mariateresa, twins, 15
  • Mariagrazia, aunt*, 60
  • TOTTI Vittoria, widowed mother, 50
  • Don Giuseppe Antonio, brother, priest, 22
  • Don Vincenzo, brother, priest, 33


He lives in his own house in the Parish of Santa Maria Matrice, where he has another house with oven and a niviera**.


  • * unclear whether she is a sister of his mother or father. He has a number of houses on rent.
  • **a cellar with permannet snow used as a refrigerator.