DESEJO Girolamo

DESEJO Girolamo, camparolo* 54
  • Priest Don Alessandro 68
  • DESEJO Don Stefano, brother, priest 52
  • DESEJO Don Vincenzo, brother, priest 50
  • Maria Gaetana, widow, sister in law, 50
  • Donatantonio, son**, student, 25
  • Felice Antonio, son, student, 21
  • Floriggia Maddalena, daughter, 29
  • Martagnesa, daughter, 27
  • Casarea, daughter, 23


He lives in his own house in the Villa of Santa Eufemia


  • * land-owner; he has 4 oxen, 2 cows. He owns many plots of land; some bordering Donato Desejo. Unclear whether they are children of a late brother, since in the list they follow the name of a widowed sister in law.