CAPOGRASSI Giacinto gentiluomo* 50
  • PRECCIA? Francesca wife 40


He lives in a Palace in Parish of San Nicola


  • "Gentiluomo" was a title of nobility. There is still a Capograssi palace in the city of Sulmona, with coat of arms. Giacinto pays 275 once in taxes. His 6 onciario pages are a good mirror of the economic life in the 1700's, when property was concentrated in the hands of a minority of people. He owns many orchards with mulberry trees, where silkworm lives. Among the properties is a silk weaving farm (filanda di seta) in Fontegrande. He exacts rents for lands given on lease. He owns a "massaria" (farm) in Contrada Canale, with fields and forest; he receives the revenues of a number of vineyards and oak forests; he receives the rent of a house from Giuseppe Puglielli, of another house from Giuseppe Trippitelli, of a shop from Luca di Mascio, of another shop from Giuseppe Antonio de Tomasis; he has farm animals with agistment contracts; he has a bakery in the Parish of San Nicola, and another bakery which he rents. He pays also taxes on the sale of foodstuff.