BUSCO Giuseppe

BUSCO Giuseppe vecchio decrepito* 93
  • Angelantonio son farm-laborer 55
  • Maddalena .....**, wife 49
  • Liberata daughter 24
  • Maria daughter 21
  • Vittoria daughter 18
  • Catarina Giovanna daughter 12


He lives in his own house in Parish of San Maurizio


  • He pays 78.28 once, taxes on houses and lands, which is a relatively high taxation. Giuseppe is maybe the oldest person in Caramanico in 1745; being a "vecchio decrepito" there is no head tax (12 once) on him. Liberata, Maria, Vittoria and Catarina are daughters of Angelantonio. It is possible this male line became extinct, unless a son or grandson moved to another place.
  • ** The dots are in the original.