DI MONTE Francesco

DI MONTE Francesco, vecchio decrepito*, 87
  • Donato, son, massaro 58
  • URSINO Cintia, wife 58
  • Sante, son of Francesco, shepherd 53
  • URSINO Maria, wife 41
  • Domenica, daughter, 20
  • Nicola, son, 10
  • Giambattista, son of Francesco, farm-labourer, 41
  • COLACITO Angiola, wife 30


He lives in his own house in the Parish of Santa Maria in Caramanico, where he has a cellar, another local with oven, half of a house in Villa Santa Croce which he rents.


  • *decrepit, he was not charged any tax; 87 years old was a very remarkable age for the time. He owns many lands, 4 oxen, 50 goats. He pays one of the highest taxes, 254 once.