DE INGENIIS Domenico di Giuseppe

DE INGENIIS Domenico, son of Giuseppe, farm-labourer, 62
  • CICCOTELLI Mariantonia, wife 52
  • Santa, daughter, 26
  • Giustino, son, farm-labourer, 20
  • Angelantonio, son, farm-labourer, 18
  • Francesco, son, 13
  • Donato, brother, farm-labourer, 52
  • Agata di Musellaro*, wife 52
  • Lionarda, daughter, 24
  • Rosa, daughter, 20
  • Giuseppe, son, farm-labourer, 18


He lives in his own house in the Parish of San Nicola.


  • "di Musellaro" might be the birthplace, not the surname. He pays a tax of 120 once.
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