DE THOMASIS Domenico Antonio

DE THOMASIS Domenico Antonio, vive civilmente del suo****, 46
  • ARDITO Costanza, wife 41
  • Marcantonio, fratello cugino*, che assiste gli affari di casa***** 48
  • ARDITO Vincenzo** nipote studente 22
  • ARDITO Domenica** nipote 10
  • PURACCHI Annagilda*** nipote 21
  • SCEGLI Caterina, widow, mother of..., 65


He lives in his own house in the Parish of San Nicolò


  • * a "fratello cugino" might be a cousin in the first degree.
  • ** Vincenzo and Domenica are probably children of a deceased brother of Costanza Ardito
  • *** Annagilda cannot be a grand-daughter given the age of Domenico Antonio, so she might be a niece, daughter of a late sister of Dom.co Ant.
  • **** he has a civil profession as notary or lawyer.
  • ***** Marcantonio is encharged with the financial management of the family.