BUCCI Domenico

BUCCI Domenico farm-laborer 48
  • SANELLI Lionarda wife 33
  • Felice son of his first wife 19
  • Catarina daughter 17
  • BUCCI Lionardo, brother, farm-laborer 47
  • BUCCI Tomaso, brother, farm-laborer 27
  • DEL MONACO Angiola, stepmother 77
  • D'ETTORE Francesca wife of said Tomaso 36


He lives in his own house in Parish of Santa Maria


  • Angiola del Monaco is a second wife of the late father of Domenico, Lionardo and Tomaso; the first marriage was at least 49 years before the catasto (that is, 1696), while the second marriage is to be dated after the birth of Tomaso (1618). There is a chance the name of the first wife was Caterina.