DI GIOVANE*** Domenico, unable to work*, 73
  • Giovanni Andrea, son, shepherd 47
  • Catarina, widowed daughter, 51
  • Domenico**, son, farm-labourer, 24
  • Mariantonia, daughter, 27
  • Annachiara, daughter, 19


He lives in his own house in the Villa of Ricciardo


  • *no tax is paid on the activity when an individual is disabled.
  • **Domenico, Mariantonia and Annachiara may be children (surname???) of Catarina. In contrada Cerqua Cavallina he has land bordering Gordiano di Giovine. In contrada del Ricciardo he has land bordering Gasparantonio di Giovine.
  • *** The surname may have been assimilated as Di Giovine later in time.