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Sulmo Mihi Patria Est Sulmona is a municipality of about 24,000 inhabitants (2017 census), located in the mountains of Abruzzo, 70 km from l'Aquila, the Province capital.
Sulmona includes the frazioni (=suburbs and villages): Acqua Santa, Albanese, Cavate, Badia-Bagnaturo, Banchette, Case Bruciate, Case Lomini, Case Panetto, Case Susi Primo, Case Susi Secondo, Casino Corvi, Faiella, Fonte d'Amore, Le Marane, Santa Lucia, Torrone, Tratturo Primo, Tratturo Secondo, Vallecorvo, Zappannotte. Moreover, the town is divided into traditional "Borghi".

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