Onciario Pratola 1745: p. 179

CARAPELLUCCI Domenico, per essere stroppio ad un braccio, esercita l'officio di mastro d'atti*, 41

  • Rosa, wife, 31
  • Francesco Saverio, son, discepolo di ferraro**, 18
  • Clemenzia, daughter, in capillis, 12
  • Amico Giovanni, son, 9
  • Liberata Giovanna, daughter, 6
  • Giusto Ermelliano, son, 3
  • Maria Giuseppa, daughter, 2


  • *= being invalid in one arm, he exercises the profession of mastrodatti. In the ancient Kingdom of Naples, the official who, originally assigned to the simple written drafting and custody of documents, also had sometimes judicial functions as substitute judge.
  • **= apprentice with a blacksmith

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