Pratola Peligna onciario 1745

The index of the Onciario of 1745 for Pratola was completed on 2 october 1745. Citizens, widows and residing foreigners are indexed alphabetically by surname, though in the original manuscript they are ordered by first name. The original manuscript page for each capofuoco contains data on all members of the family and properties. Source: State Archive of L'Aquila.

Sections of the Onciario

10 Widows and Virgins, pages 754 to 766

11 Resident Foreigners, pages 804 to 818

Notes to the terms used

  • "nipote"= this in Italian may be either grandson/granddaughter or nephew/niece, depending on the context and ages declared it is usually possible to infer which
  • "vergine in capillis"= teen girls of marriageable age and still unmarried ladies; they were allowed to go bareheaded, while married women had to cover their hair
  • "decrepito"= elderly males over 75 years old, who usually were exempted from paying the tax on activity.
  • "bracciale"= a farm labourer who works the land of others, with different types of contracts
  • "bifolco"= from the Latin "bubulcus", a farmer owning oxen that was hired to plough lands
  • "civile"= a professional that did not perform physical activities, such as lawyers, notaries, etc.
  • some other jobs were usually left in the original Italian, also because they had a special meaning that is not used any more.
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