Tollis Families in Pescocostanzo

The Tollis surname appears in Pescocostanzo in the 1715 census with seven families. The origin might be from a medieval name as Bertollus (recorded in Gamberale in 1447) or a Tollus (Torricella Peligna, 1447).

The Family in the 1747 Onciario

  • TOLLIS Beniamino
  • TOLLIS Catarina of late Rocco widow of COLANGELO Giacinto
  • TOLLIS Donato Orazio
  • TOLLIS, Heirs of late Emilio of late Rocco of Silvio domiciled in Montalto (absent citizens)
  • TOLLIS Felice of late Bernardino
  • TOLLIS Francesco Antonio of Beniamino
  • TOLLIS Giovannagelo
  • TOLLIS Leonardo of late Berardino
  • TOLLIS Loreto of late Donatangelo
  • TOLLIS Orazio Nicolò di Beniamino
  • TOLLIS Tommaso Antonio of late Nicolò

Civil Records (1809 onwards)

  • TOLLIS Angela, born of TOLLIS Francesco DONATELLI Carmina -- married 1858.07.07 CHIAVERINI Francesco Paolo from Palena
  • TOLLIS Angelopaolo, born of TOLLIS Giacomo, TROZZI Maria -- married 1812.02.06 RANALLO Maria Pasqua
  • TOLLIS Bellisario, born of TOLLIS Benedetto, DEL SOLE Giuseppina -- married 1809.12.28 SANTELLA Angela
  • TOLLIS Donata, born of TOLLIS Marco, MANNELLA Rosa -- married 1809.12.28 DEL MONACO Pasquale
  • TOLLIS Francesca, born of TOLLIS Francesco, DONATELLI Carmina -- married 1858.10.10 CELIO Nicola from Palena
  • TOLLIS Gaetano, born 1869.02.10 of TOLLIS Felice, CICCO Clarice
  • TOLLIS Giuseppe, born of TOLLIS Giacomo, TROZZI Maria -- married 1811.05.29 MANZI Geronima
  • TOLLIS Giuseppe, born of TOLLIS Venanzo, FARAGLIA Angela -- married 1817.06.20 FALCONIO Carmelitana
  • TOLLIS Giustina -- married 1811.11.05 DI NARDO Ubaldo di Taranta Peligna
  • TOLLIS Preziosa -- married 1812 CASCIATO Alessio Giovanni Antonio
  • TOLLIS Rosa, born of TOLLIS Benedetto, DEL SOLE Giuseppa -- married 1811.12.28 COCCOPALMERJ Nicola
  • TOLLIS Stanislao, born of TOLLIS Benedetto, DEL SOLE Giustina -- married 1812.01.02 SEBASTIANO Maria