Stinellis Families in Pescocostanzo

The Stinellis surname appears in Pescocostanzo in the 1715 census with five families and the "Stinelli" spelling. The Latin ending in -is became popular for many surnames in the 18th century. A possible but undemostrated origin is from "Stino" (Agostino - Agostinello).

The Family in the 1747 Onciario

  • STINELLIS Donato Benedetto of late Giuseppe Tomaso
  • STINELLIS Liberata of late Felice widow of CHIAVARINO Tommaso from Palena
  • STINELLIS Micchele
  • STINELLIS Onofrio of late Ascenzo
  • STINELLIS Venanzio Nazario of late Pietro Biase
  • STINELLIS Vitantonio of late Felice domiciled in Lettopalena (absent citizen)

Civil Records (1809 onwards)

  • STINELLIS Anacleto, born of STINELLIS Bellisario, ZURLO Anna Maria -- married 1858.01.18 SCIULLO Agata Rosa
  • STINELLIS Anazario, born of STINELLIS Filippo, LE DONNE Angela -- married 1809.05.25 RANALLO Teodora
  • STINELLIS Anna, born of STINELLIS Angelo, MARTINO Maria -- married 1819.02.03 SCIULLO Cesidio
  • STINELLIS Anna, born of STINELLIS Nicola, RICCI Beata -- married 1809.12.27 BUCCIGROSSI Croce
  • STINELLIS Domenico, born of STINELLIS Venanzo, TOMASSONE(?) Giovanna -- married 1819.01.31 FARAGLIA Domenica
  • STINELLIS Leonardo, born of STINELLIS Giuseppe, CAPALDO Rosa -- married 1810.02.15 DI NUNZIO Maria Teresa
  • STINELLIS Lucia, born of STINELLIS Nicola, RICCI Beata -- married 1809.08.08 MANNELLA Giosuè
  • STINELLIS Vittoria, born of STINELLIS Pasquale, PITASSI Pasqua -- married 1810.11.29 COLECCHIA Angelo