Mosca Families in Pescocostanzo

The surname appears in Pescocostanzo in the 1715 census with six families. Ferdinando Mosca in the mid-18th century was a renowned artist who decorated the ceilings of many churches, among them San Bernardino in L'Aquila.

The Family in the 1747 Onciario

The Family in the 1747 Onciario

Civil Records (1809 onwards)

  • MOSCA Crescenzo, born of MOSCA Gioacchino, D'ERAMO Felicita -- married 1810.02.14 MANNELLA Venanza
  • MOSCA Francesco, born 1868.08.10 of MOSCA Gaetano, COLAMARINO Almerinda
  • MOSCA Gaetano, born of MOSCA Simon Pietro, FALCOCCHIO Maria Domenica -- married 1859.09.30 COLAMARINO Almerinda
  • MOSCA Giambattista, born of MOSCA Giocondino D'ERAMO Felicia -- married 1813.02.21 CAGNUOLI Angela
  • MOSCA Luigi, born 1868.03.26 of MOSCA Paolo, MONACELLI Rosalba