Manzi Families in Pescocostanzo

The surname appears in Pescocostanzo in the 1715 census with the spelling "Mansi" and two records, one of them a priest. The Mansi family was very prominent in the 17th century, as reported in the volume "Napoli nobilissima" of 2005: "I Manzi, o Mansi, erano nel Seicento i più ricchi allevatori di ovini di Pescocostanzo..."


An ancient parchment of a private archive was issued by prince Marino Francesco Maria Carracciolo, Grand Chancellor of the Kingdom and superintendent of the College of Doctors in Naples, dated 1689 for the young new Doctor - Law degree of UJD, from the Latin Utriusque Juris Doctor - to "Amicus Angelus Mansi Terrae Peschi Co(n)st(an)si "(Amico Angelo or Amicangelo Mansi of Pescocostanzo).

The Family in the 1747 Onciario

  • MANZI Don Benedetto Fabbrizio priest
  • MANZI Don Giuseppe priest
  • MANZI Giovanni Tommaso of late dottor Amicangelo
  • MANZI Zaccaria of late Salustio Law Doctor

Civil Records (1809 onwards)

  • MANSI Anna Concezia, born of MANSI Andrea, LOZZI Nunziata -- married 1819.02.16 DE CAPITE Antonio
  • MANZI Geronima, born of MANZI Giandonato, SALVI Francesca -- married 1811.05.29 TOLLIS Giuseppe