Colabrese Families in Pescocostanzo

The Colabrese surname appears in Pescocostanzo in the 1715 census with two families. The etymology would indicate a vowel change from the toponymic "Calabrese".

The Family in the 1747 Onciario

  • COLABRESE Benigno
  • COLABRESE Catarina of late Giacomo widow of PITASSI Cesarangelo
  • COLABRESE Giovannangelo of late Francesco
  • COLABRESE Giuseppe Antonio of late Felice Medoro
  • COLABRESE Pietro Eggidio of late Felice Medoro

Civil Records (1809 onwards)

  • COLABRESE Antonio, born of COLABRESE Felice FALCONIO Diana -- married 1814.03.17 DI ROCCO Matilde
  • COLABRESE Domenica, born of COLABRESE Giuseppe, FALCONIO Rosa -- married 1831.08.20 LE DONNE Francesco Antonio
  • COLABRESE Felice Pio, born 1869.09.05 of COLABRESE Marcellino, DEL CIRRUTO Filomena
  • COLABRESE Francesco, born of COLABRESE Loreto DI SILVIO Angela -- married 1859.07.04 D'ERAMO Maria
  • COLABRESE Francesco Luigi, born 1869.06.20 of COLABRESE Nicola Pio, FALCONIO Loreta
  • COLABRESE Giacinta, born of COLABRESE Marcellino DEL CIMMUTO Nunzia -- married 1817.07.02 SCARAMUZZA Mattia
  • COLABRESE Giacinta, born 1793.04.29 of COLABRESE Marcellino, DEL CIMMUTO Loreta Nunzia -- more info: Civil records
  • COLABRESE Giacomo, born 1879.10.02 of COLABRESE Angelo Nicola Donato, TROZZI Francesca
  • COLABRESE Giovanni Gaetano, born 1868.08.06 of COLABRESE Francesco, D'ERAMO Maria Domenica
  • COLABRESE Maria Maddalena, born of COLABRESE Marcellino, DEL CIMMUTO Maria Nunziata -- married 1859.09.02 COCCO Berardino
  • COLABRESE Nicola, born of -- married 1846 CASCIATO Angela Maria -- more info: married in Isernia
  • COLABRESE Nicola Pio, born of COLABRESE Giovanni DONATELLI Chiara -- married 1859.01.13 FALCONIO Loreta
  • COLABRESE Rosalia, born of COLABRESE Angelo RAJNALDI Maria -- married 1809.10.06 DEL CIMMUTO Leonardo