Buccigrossi Families in Pescocostanzo

The Buccigrossi in Pescocostanzo appear in 1747 with 9 families with the spelling Bucciogrosso. In the 1715 census six families appear. In 1657 a will was made by Berardino of Vito Bucciogrosso.


The surname derives from "Buccio" and "Grosso", a name and nickname joined together. The surname in the more recent centuries changed to Buccigrossi. No families appear in the 2010 white pages in Pescocostanzo. After 1811, when the municipality of Ateleta was created, some families may have changed jurisdiction.


A noble branch is recorded in Fontanafredda, Emilia, then moved in Cesena in 1579 after having resided for some time in Urbino. Bianco Buccigrossi was the a minister of affairs of Ermellina Malatesta (from Giovan Battista Crollalanza, Dizionario Storico Blasonico).

The Family in the 1747 Onciario

Civil Records (1809 onwards)

  • BUCCIGROSSI Angelo Paolo, born 1765 of BUCCIOGROSSO Giovanni Amico, Ferrante Giovanna -- married SCIULLO Felicia -- died 1835.05.16
  • BUCCIGROSSI Cosmo, born 1868.12.26 of BUCCIGROSSI Salvatore, GIZZI Maria, recorded on Ellis Island 1899
  • BUCCIGROSSI Croce, born of BUCCIGROSSI Domenico DONATELLI Vittoria, married 1809.12.27 STINELLIS Anna
  • BUCCIGROSSI Domenico, born 1757 of BUCCIOGROSSO Giovanni Amico, FERRANTE Giovanna -- married ZAPPA Paolina of Giacomo -- died 1840.10.17
  • BUCCIGROSSI Domenico, born of BUCCIGROSSI Pio DI PADOVA Anna, married 1860.08.12 COCCO Angela
  • BUCCIGROSSI Donato, born 1747 of BUCCIOGROSSO Felice, FERRANTE Nunzia -- married DONATELLI Eutichia -- died 1817.09.06
  • BUCCIGROSSI Felice, born 1867.06.22 of BUCCIGROSSI Salvatore, GIZZI Maria, recorded on Ellis Island 1899
  • BUCCIGROSSI Filippo, born of BUCCIGROSSI Pasquale Fu COLECCHIA Pasqua, married 1859.07.04 MARINO Maria Gaetana from Sulmona
  • BUCCIGROSSI Francesca, born 1798.05.20 of BUCCIGROSSI Angelo Paolo, SCIULLO Felicia -- married RANALLO Mario -- died 1840
  • BUCCIGROSSI Francesco, born of BUCCIGROSSI Pio, DI PADOVA Anna -- married 1863.12.23 DELL'OCA Sabina Carabilia
  • BUCCIGROSSI Giovanni Amico, born 1792.04.10 of BUCCIGROSSI Domenico ZAPPA Paolina, married 1812.01.02 FALCONIO Maria
  • BUCCIGROSSI Giovanni Amico, born 1721 of BUCCIOGROSSO Felice Stefano -- married FERRANTE Giovanna -- died 1790.07.12
  • BUCCIGROSSI Giuseppe, born of BUCCIGROSSI Giovanni STINELLIS Maria, married 1859.07.02 DONATELLI Angela Rita; married 1863.07.20 GIZZI Maria Rosa
  • BUCCIGROSSI Gregorio Giulio, born 1869.05.21 of BUCCIGROSSI Francesco DONATELLI Lucia
  • BUCCIGROSSI Lorenzo, born 1751 of BUCCIOGROSSO Felice, FERRANTE Nunzia -- died 1817.06.05
  • BUCCIGROSSI Maria, born of BUCCIGROSSI Giovanni FALCONIO Maria, married 1843.05.13 BENEDETTO Domenico
  • BUCCIGROSSI Maria Giacinta, born 1800.09.11 of BUCCIGROSSI Domenico, ZAPPA Paolina, married before 1826 FALCONIO Donatantonio of Domenico, ZURLO Sofia
  • BUCCIGROSSI Matilde, born of BUCCIGROSSI Domenico, DONATELLI Vittoria, married 1812.01.03 SCIULLO Angelo
  • BUCCIGROSSI Nicola, born of BUCCIGROSSI Donato RICCIARDELLI Zefferina, married 1812.04.14 DE CAPITE Maria
  • BUCCIGROSSI Savino Antonio, born 1791.11.07 of BUCCIGROSSI Donato DONATELLI Eutichia, married 1817.04.27 LE DONNE Severanda
  • BUCCIGROSSI Vincenzo, born 1866.07.29 of BUCCIGROSSI Domenico, LE DONNE Maria, passport 24.01.1901 to America
  • BUCCIGROSSI Vincenzo Francesco, born 1869.06.17 of BUCCIGROSSI Domenico, LE DONNE Angela Maria
  • BUCCIGROSSO Cosmo, born of BUCCIGROSSO Felice ZAPPA Carmine 1819.09.16, married GASPARRO Maria Concezia