Bencivenga Families in Pescocostanzo

The Bencivenga in Pescocostanzo come all from one ancestor, recorded in the Catasto Onciario of 1747, BENCIVENGA Lorenzo of late Giuseppe Leone, page 130, 38 years old in 1747. A Bencivenga family is recorded also in Raiano (about 50 miles from Pescocostanzo); they were "ebanisti" (cabinet makers). There are two records connected in the 1715 census of a Giuseppe and a Donato "Leone BENTIVENGA".


The surname derives from the expression "ben ci venga" meaning "that (he/she) may come out well", and is widespread in the Campania region. In the area of Bologna the variation Bencivenni appears. In Abruzzo about a dozen family appear in the white pages in 2010, but none any more in Pescocostanzo.


A noble family is recorded in Montepulciano, Tuscany, back to 1202; in 1347 a Petto (Piero) di Meuccio Bencivenga was a Gonfaloniere, a prestigious communal post in medieval Italy. After him, his descendants were also gonfalonieri. A Matteo di Meo Bencivenga was a gonfaloniere in 1456, had a son Domenico, whose daughter Cassandra married Riccardo Cervini... (from Vittorio Spreti, Enciclopedia storico-nobiliare italiana, Vol. 2)

The Family in the 1747 Onciario

Civil Records (1809 onwards)

  • BENCIVENGA Ada, born 1909 of BENCIVENGA Nicola, MANNELLA Anna -- recorded on Ellis Island 1912
  • BENCIVENGA Angela, born of BENCIVENGA Donato TOLLIS Giustina, married 1811.11.03 DI NARDIS Domenico from Taranta Peligna
  • BENCIVENGA Francesco, born about 1855 -- recorded on Ellis Island 1899
  • BENCIVENGA Leonardo, born of BENCIVENGA Domenico D'EMILIO Francesca, married 1858.09.30 DI GIACOMO Maria Domenica from Palena
  • BENCIVENGA Maria Teresa, born of BENCIVENGA Crescenzo DINOCCO Giulia, married 1818.11.07 RANALLO Pasquale
  • BENCIVENGA Nicola, born about 1885 of BENCIVENGA Francesco -married to MANNELLA Anna Lucia - recorded on Ellis Island 1899
  • BENCIVENGA Pietro Celestino Francesco Antonio, born about 1829 of BENCIVENGA Liborio, COCCOPALMERI Anna Concezia - married 1863.05.17 FIORITA Mariangela of Antonio, FALCOCCHIO Chiara -- Marriage in Palena
  • BENCIVENGA Rosalba, born of BENCIVENGA Donato TOLLIS Giustina - married 1811.10.08 SANTARELLI Domenico from Taranta Peligna
  • BENCIVENGA Rosaria, born 04.10.1863 of BENCIVENGA Leonardo, DI GIACOMO Maria Domenica