Catasti Antichi

The Ancient Cadastres of the Aquilan territory, no more online, are preserved in the State Archive of L'Aquila, with 68 volumes.


The handwriting is a kind of shorthand, on some pages to the sides variations in the properties may be recorded with date. The names are only those of owners, not of the family, but there may appear annotations of who received each property. The page number usually refers to the second numbering given by the office, not the original number in the book which is that at top of the image. The list includes catalogue number and some explanation.

List of the Volumes

  • S94-2 - Pizzoli intus (223 images, starts from page 2)
  • S95 - Porcinaro, Rocca delle Vene, Vio (324 images, index on pages 1r and 1v) - Porcinaro was an ancient "castello", near Marruci, no more inhabited at present; 5 km from Campotosto, Rocca was one of the castles that contributed to the construction and population of L'Aquila and was later deserted; Vio or Vigio is another of the small castles, near present-day Barete.
  • S96 - Antrodoco et forestieri de Cicoli (496 images), dated 1550; the name is incorrect, since the volume contains only the taxed "foreigners" of Antrodoco, De Caia and Cicoli. The district or county of Cicoli can be located from the present village of Sant'Anatolia to the boundaries of the province of Rieti, the area called "Cicolano" today.
  • S97 - Coppito intus et extra [Poplito dentro et fore] includes residents and foreigners; 264 images, index on page 1v; Coppito is presently administratively included in the municipality of Aquila;
  • S98-1 - Civita Tomassa extra; 226 images, index on page 113r. The volume is in poor condition, but of great interest, each property brings reference of previous dates, often 1484 and 1530, connected to older tax records. It is today "Civitatomassa" in the comune of Scoppito.
  • S99 - Campagna (Campana in the original) 112 images, index mostly missing on page 1v.
  • S100 - Poggio Santa Maria extra - 162 images, index on page AR and AV. The village is near Sassa, comune of Aquila
  • S101 - Forcella intus - 84 images, index on page 1v. It is today near Preturo, comune of L'Aquila
  • S102 - S Eustacchio [actually Sant'Eusanio] e Casentino dentro - 48 images, index on page 1v.
  • S103 - Vigliano - 124 images, index on page 1r. It is presently in the comune of Scoppito
  • S104 - Fagnano e Ripa, dated 1521 - 588 images, index on page 1r and 1v.
  • S105 - Catasto Cagnano intus [Cangiano dentro] - 182 images, index on page BISR.
  • S106 - Paganica extra - 1074 images, first pages and index missing, many damaged pages.
  • S107 - Aquila e contado (San Demetrio) - 352 images, about 12 pages missing at the beginning, many damaged pages.
  • S109 - Filetto - 146 images, index on page 1v.
  • S110 - Barete extra - 444 images, no index.
  • S111 - Poggio Picenze - 390 images, no index, many ruined pages.
  • S112 - Leporanica extra - 446 images, no index. The ruins of this castle are today near San Nicandro, comune of Prata d'Ansidonia.
  • S113 - Villa Sant'Angelo extra - 180 images, index on page 1R and 1V.
  • S114 - La Posta intus - 270 images, index on page 1R and 1V, first page of index is missing. The place can be the comune of Posta, presently province of Rieti.
  • S115 - Sassa extra - 220 images, no index, the 22 beginning pages are missing.
  • S116 - Castelnuovo extra [Castel Novo Fuora] - 262 images, index on page 1bisR (second column missing), and 1bisv (first column missing), Roman numbers in the original. Castelnuovo is presently a frazione of San Pio delle Camere
  • S117 - Navelli, Pescomaggiore - 792 images, no index, first 28 pages missing.
  • S118 - Collebrincioni - 314 images, no index, first 34 pages missing.
  • S119 - Beffi - 220 images, index on page 1bisR. Beffi is presently a frazione of the comune of Acciano
  • S120 - Aragno [Rangno], dated 1554 - 96 images, index on page terR. Aragno is presently included in the Comune of L'Aquila
  • S121 - Rocca Preturo extra - Genca - Camarda intu... [Rocca Preturo, Camarda e La Jenca] - 322 images, first pages missing, no index for Rocca Preturo. La Gencha begins on page 51R, index on page 53R. Index of Camarda from 97v. Rocca Preturo was a castle near San Vittorino (comune of L'Aquila), not the present frazione of Roccapreturo (comune of Acciano). The other two localities, Camarda and Genca, are also presently in the Comune of Aquila
  • S122 - Arischia extra - 292 images, no index.
  • S123 - Arischia intus, actually [Villa Sant'Angelo], possibly Villa Sant'Angelo intus - 292 images, index on page 1R, dated 1521 with a later ink, inside dated 14 Sept. 1529
  • S124 - Civita Retenga - 274 images, index on page 1R and 1V. Presently Comune of Navelli
  • T52 - Picenze - 358 images, dated 1513, presently Comune of Barisciano
  • T53-1 Catasto del Quartiere San Giorgio [Città di Aquila] - 758 images, index on pages 2R to 6v, the "Forastieri" from 7R.
  • T53-2 Catasto del Quartiere Santa Maria [Città di Aquila] - 1036 images, index on pages 2R to 5R, the "Forastieri" on page 5V.
  • T53-3 Catasto del Quartiere San Pietro [Città di Aquila] - 1040 images, index on pages BR to FV, the "Forastieri" from GR.
  • T53-4 Catasto del Quartiere San Giovanni [Città di Aquila] - 982 images, index on pages BR to FV, the "Forastieri" from GR.
  • T53-5 Catasto di Antrodoco extra, actually of the "Forastieri" of Aquila, subdivided into places of origin for which reason Antrodoco is first (pages 2R, 2V). Other places: Burghittu (3R), Lacaya (3V), Cicoli (4R, 4V, 5R, 5V)
  • T53-6 Catasto di Casentino e Sant'Eusanio - 270 images, index on pages 2R, 2V.
  • W1 - Catasto Santa Maria intus - 78 images, no index, missing pages. The place is in the area of present Sassa, Comune Aquila.
  • W2 - Lucoli intus - 108 images, index on page 1V; top of pages mostly missing.
  • W3 - Barile e Fontavignone - 184 images, index on page 2R, 2V. The side notes start from 1487, can be dated to the first decades of 1500. The two places are in the area between Casentino and Rocca di Mezzo.
  • W4 - Tione - 286 images, index on page 2R, 2v.
  • W5-1 Catasto di Caporciano - 248 images, index of the inhabitants is missing. The "Forastieri" from 1R.
  • W6 - Villa San Basilio - 100 images, no index. this "Villa" was near Barisciano.
  • W7 - Bagno extra - 72 images, no index.
  • W8 - Machilone e Rocca Odorisio - 10 images. These few pages seem to have belonged to a much larger book. Page 10R indeed bears the original number 462, and is identical to the page od the Q. S. Giovanni 446R. It seems these pages belonged to the Quartiere San Giovanni [Città di Aquila]. The castle of Machilone, area of Leonessa, was destroyed in 1294; the castle of Rocca Odorisio was in the same area. They were not inhabited in the 1550's.
  • W9 - Aquila e contado Lucoli extra? - 1012 images, no index.
  • W10 - Barisciano - 237 images, no index.
  • W11 - Goriano extra - 344 images, no index.
  • W12 - Tussio e Bominaco - 302 images, no index.
  • W13 - Catasto del Quartiere San Pietro [Città di Aquila] - dated 1579 - 330 images, index from page 7r.
  • W14 - Castelnuovo - 10 images. These few pages seem to have belonged to a much larger book in the section Forastieri, one page bears the original number 161.
  • W15 - Catasto del Guasto e Vasto - 78 images, no index.
  • W17-1 - Aquila e contado (Scoppito?) - 234 images, no index.
  • W17-2 - Aquila e contado (Rocca di Mezzo intus) - 70 images, no index.
  • W17-3 - Aquila e contado San Pio? - 126 images, no index, first 5 pages missing.
  • W17-4 - Aquila e contado place unknown - 234 images, no index.
  • W18-1 - Ocre - 386 images, no index.
  • W18-2 - Cicoli e Rascino - 152 images, no index.
  • W19-1 - Catasto del Quarto San Giorgio [Città di Aquila] - dated on side notes from 1559 - 546 images, no index. - first 12 pages missing.
  • W19-2 - Monticchio extra - 72 images, no index.
  • W61 - Catasto del Quarto San Pietro [Città di Aquila] - dated 1576 - 624 images, index from page 3R, Forastieri from 6R
  • W62 - Catasto del Quarto Santa Maria [Città di Aquila] - dated 1576 - 642 images, index from page 3R, Forastieri 8v
  • W63 - Catasto del Quarto San Giovanni [Città di Aquila] - dated ??? - 892 images, index from page 1R, Forastieri 8v - the last about 30 pages with the Forastieri are missing.
  • W66 - Catasto del Quarto San Giorgio [Città di Aquila] - dated ??? - 336 images, index is from page 3R, Forastieri 6r
  • W67 - Catasto del Quarto San Giovanni [Città di Aquila] - dated ??? - 554 images, index from page 2R
  • W68-1 - Catasto del Quarto Santa Maria [Città di Aquila] - dated 1593 - 382 images, index from page 4R, Forastieri 8v
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