Some Military Records for Castel di Ieri

The records below are derived from the Fogli Matricolari preserved in the Archivio di Stato, L'Aquila, and refer to individuals resident in Castel di Ieri, including if available the date of passport request for a foreign destination. When one parent is registered as deceased, it is referred to a date before the year of the call to military service.

List of Records

  • Acconcia Antonio, born on 18 Jan. 1893, contadino, of Acconcia Giuseppe, D'Alessandro Giovanna
  • Acconcia Liberato, born on 03 May 1891, of late Acconcia Ignazio, Di Girolamo Barbara; registerd abroad.
  • Aloisantoni Giuseppe, born on 07 Nov. 1892, contadino, of Aloisantoni Giovanni, De Angelis Domenica
  • Carlone Francesco, born on 04 April 1893, of Carlone Donato, Coletta Maria; registered in Philadelphia
  • Coampomizzi Donato, born on 11 March 1893, contadino, of Campomizzi Antonio, late Di Giannantonio Angela; registered in New york
  • Coletta Donato, born on 04 March 1893, contadino, of Coletta Antonio, late Di Giannantonio Mariacarmina
  • De Angelis Camillo, born on 17 April 1893, of De Angelis Antonio, Di Virgilio Maria Donata; registered abroad
  • De Angelis Lorenzo, born on 22 Jan. 1893, bracciante, of De, of Angelis Angelo, Di Giammarino Agata; registered in Philadelphia, 1913
  • De Angelis Loreto, born on 8 Sept. 1893, bracciante, of De Angelis Donato, Di Marino Consiglia; registered in Pittsburgh, 1913
  • De Santis Gaetano, born on 6 Sept. 1893, contadino, of De Santis Pelino, late Di Virgilio Maria
  • De Santis Raffaele, born on 02 March 1892, bracciante, of De Santis Francesco 65 years old, Di Virgilio Pasqua
  • Dell'orso Angelo, born on 10 Jan. 1893, of Dell'Orso Domenico, Di Marino Annantonia; registered abroad
  • Di Benedetto Antonio, born on 27 Nov. 1893, bracciante, of Di Benedetto Mariano, Carlone Angiola; registered in Philadelphia
  • Di Benedetto Emidio, born on 7 March 1893, contadino, of Di Benedetto Domenico, De Angelis Edvige
  • Di Cesare Emidio, born on 25 Dec. 1893, bracciante, of Di Cesare Pasquale, Di Virgilio Annantonia; registered in Pittsburgh
  • Di Giambattista Antonio, born on 31 Jan. 1867, of Di Giambattista Francesco, Rante Concetta; passport on 15.02.1897 for the U.S.A.
  • Di Giambattista Gaetano Alfredo Giulio, born on 27 Aug. 1893, of Di Giambattista Desiderio, Di Virgilio Palmairene; registered in Estero
  • Di Giangregorio Raffaele, born on 16 March 1892, bracciante, of Di Giangregorio Donato, Carlone Brigida; passport on 13.05.1913 for Philadelphia
  • Di Giovanni Raffaele, born on 11 Nov. 1893, contadino, of Di Giovanni Agostino, Giarrante Agata; registered in New york
  • Di Marino Salvatore, born on 18 Dec. 1893, bracciante, of Di Marino Giuseppe, Di Biase Antonia; registered in Philadelphia
  • Di Tommaso Gaetano, born on 07 Jan. 1893, bracciante, of Di Tommaso Donato, Acconcia Rosa; registered in Philadelphia
  • Di Virgilio Emilio Celestino, born on 25 Nov. 1867, of Di Virgilio Paolo, Ciancarelli Florinda; passport on 15.09.1893 for Spain
  • Di Virgilio Vincenzo, born on 27 Nov. 1893, of Di Virgilio Francesco, Celeste Antonia
  • Fabrizio Gaetano, born on 10 Oct. 1867, contadino, of Fabrizio Felice, Succo Agata; passport on 04.02.1897 for the Usa
  • Fabrizio Nunzio, born on 21 March 1892, contadino, of Fabrizio Luigi, De Angelis Maria Carmina
  • Gentile Salvatore Stefano Domenico, born on 26 Dec. 1893, calzolaio, of Gentile Donato, Fabrizio Florinda; registered in 1925 abroad
  • Giorgi Gennaro, born on 7 Jan. 1893, of Giorgi Francescopaolo, Aloisantoni Marianna; registered abroad
  • Pacella Donato, born on 8 Aug. 1893, bracciante, of late Pacella Loreto, Carlone Annamaria; registered in Pittsburgh
  • Pacella Salvatore, born on 1893 3 June, contadino, of Pacella Giuseppe, Di Giambattista Liberata; registered in New York
  • Pasquali Donato Mario Davide, born on 1 Sept. 1893, calzolaio, of Pasquali Luigi, Di Benedetto Annadomenica
  • Pasquali Tito, born on 2 June 1891, studente, of Pasquali Luigi, Di Benedetto Annadomenica
  • Piccioli Gaetano, born on 6 Nov. 1893, contadino, of late Piccioli Antonio, Carlone Consiglia; registered in Pittsburgh
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