Catasto Onciario of Barete (Labaretum) 1753

Source: State Archive of L'Aquila - 163 Capofuochi - The number following each name is the age when the record was made, that is a little before 1753. The total of the inviduals listed in these indexes is about 1430.

Alphabetical Index


  • Year of birth can be inferred as if the age was taken about 1745-1750. Cross-reference with records of death or documents attached to marriages in the early years of the Civil Records - online in the Antenati Portal - might help.
  • The majority of jobs were of "bracciale", that is a farm-labourer that often worked for a land-owner, and however might have some orchard or vineyard for his own use. The villagers were usually entitled to cut the wood of the mountain, to collect fruits of the forest (chestnuts, berries), and to take their farm animals to graze on community pastures.
The Capofuochi of Resident Citizens