Military Records in Ateleta 1868‑1897

The data - for a number of years after the unity of Italy - were extracted and transcribed from the Fogli Matricolari and the Liste di Leva that are preserved in the State Archive of L'Aquila, where the original documents can be photographed.

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Fogli Matricolari and Liste di Leva

Usually, the Matricolari were compiled by the central military office of the Province, and listed the young men who served in the Italian Armed Forces or were deemed fit after medical visit. The original document contains more data, such as physical description (height, colour of eyes and hair, etc), job, military career with all dates, war campaigns if any, hospital periods, date of emigration if any.

The Liste di Leva were instead compiled by the Comune from the Birth records, therefore the names there recorded might never have served in the army, in case they were deemed unfit or exempted for family reasons, as only son of a widowed mother, or two brothers already serving in the army, ect. The transcription was made including date of birth, names of parents and job. When deceased appears with the name of a parent, the latter's death date may be at any time before the call to appear at the military center, usually when the son was 18.

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